His And Her Marriage Chapter 158

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His And Her Marriage Chapter 158 – Roxanne kept silent after she greeted them.

Since Alfred didn’t give her a chance to leave, she had no choice but to stay and listen to their conversation.
Sonya retracted her gaze from Roxanne and looked at Alfred carnestly.

“What a blessing it is for the Queen family now that you’re fine!” Alfred smiled and nodded before turning toward Roxanne. “It’s all thanks to
Dr. Jarvis. Without her, I would still be bedridden!” As soon as those words fell, everyone turned to look at Roxanne.

Soon a Henrietta chimed in, “Indeed, Dr. Jarvis is the Queen family’s savior.” With those few words, she had directed Sonya and the others’ attention
toward Roxanne. Roxanne furrowed her brows slightly and smiled. “I wouldn’t call myself a savior, though.

As a doctor, I was just doing my job. I’m very glad to have cured Old Mr. Queen.” Alfred’s admiration toward her grew when he saw how humble she was. Sonya’s face fell when she noticed Alfred’s attitude toward Roxanne.

However, she maintained her smile and said sarcastically, “Not too shabby for a young doctor like her. We’ve looked for so many renowned doctors, and
none of them succeeded. How surprising.” Although it seemed like Sonya was praising her, Roxanne could sense the hostility in those words.

Roxanne’s heart sank, and she ignored Sonya. Aubree wasn’t pleased with how everyone was putting the spotlight on Roxanne. As soon as silence ensued, she let go of Sonya’s arm and went up to Alfred. In a coquettish tone, she said, “

Old. Mr. Queen, you’re going to live a long and stress-free life now that you’ve survived the illness!” Alfred shifted his attention toward her and smiled when he heard that. “Why do you say so?” “Well, that’s what people say!

I know you’re going to live a long life with great prosperity, Old Mr. Queen!” Aubree smiled. Alfred was elated when he heard those sweet words. “Thank you! Let’s hope you’re right!” as was With that, he shifted his gaze back toward Roxanne.

It was as if he was trying to say that Roxanne deserved all the credits. Aubree noticed it, so she purposely pouted and blamed herself when she
said, “It’s such a shame I couldn’t find a doctor as impressive as Dr. Jarvis.

Otherwise, you wouldn’t have to suffer for such a long time, Old Mr. Queen!” Alfred hurriedly waved his hands in dismissal, and he uttered delightfully,
“Why would you say that? Although I’ve been bedridden all these years, I’m well aware of what was happening around me.

All these years, you’ve gone through hoops to find me so many talented doctors, haven’t you? I’ll forever remember your kind gestures!”
With her reddened eyes, Aubree answered, “Yet, all the doctors I’ve found were useless..”

Alfred was moved when he saw how caring she was. With a smile on his face, he said, “I know you’re a good person. You deserve the credit for
finding me those doctors for the past years. Otherwise, I would’ve suffered more.”

Henrietta quickly comforted her as well. “You’ve been very thoughtful, Aubree. In fact, you’ve even been treating Old Mr. Queen like your own
grandpa! We’re very grateful.” After saying that, she remembered how Lucian had also contributed to curing Alfred over the years.

“Lucian, you too. Thank you,” she added. In response, Lucian slightly nodded. “We were just doing our duties as the younger generation.”
Hearing that, Henrietta immediately glanced at their outfits and couldn’t help but say,

“Good things come in pairs, right? Since you’ve already been together with Aubree for so many years, I guess we’ll meet each other again
at your engagement party!”

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