His And Her Marriage Chapter 134

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His And Her Marriage Chapter 134 – To Not Be With Him In the meantime, at the Farwell residence, Sonya and Elias were about to
rest. When they heard the sudden ringing of the doorbell, they hastily opened the door.

Instantly, they were greeted by the apologetic faces of Samuel and Gina. Aubree was behind them, her eyes red.
“What happened?” Sonya asked in confusion when she registered the trio’s expressions.

Gina turned to shoot Aubree a glare. Aubree’s eyes were bloodshot, and remorse was written all over er face. Even her voice was a little hoarse as she said, “Mrs. Farwell, I’ve come to apologize.” Sonya became even more puzzled by that response.

She then led the three to the couch and had the maid pour them cups of tea before asking, “What happened? Why are you apologizing to me?”Aubree kept her head low, not daring to look at Sonya at all.

“You convinced Essie to get into my car yesterday morning, so I thought she’d be quiet while I bring her to the kindergarten. However, she began kicking up a fuss and insisting on getting down from the car midway. She even tried to open the door despite how dangerous it was.

I tried to stop her, but she refused to listen to me. In the end, I got too anxious and hit her a few times after I stopped the car.”
The moment Sonya and Elias heard that Sonya had laid a finger on Estella, their expressions darkened.

Aubree continued in a miserable tone, “I really didn’t mean it. I know it’s my fault; I shouldn’t have done anything to a kid. Estella’s so cute, and she’s
your precious princess. Even now, I feel like slapping myself for having done that. If only I was more patient at that time.”

t the sight of her remorseful demeanor, Sonya’s dark expression lightened up a little. “If you know that you’ve done wrong, you should know that it’s pointless to come to us. You should be apologizing to Essie instead. You can’t do this anymore in the future.”

A conflicted look crossed Aubree’s face. “Mrs. Farwell, that’s what I thought too, but Lucian found out about this matter. He’s furious…”
“It’s normal for him to be mad. Have a good talk with him.” A line appeared between Sonya’s brows.

She felt that Lucian had gone a little overboard with his response. Just as she said that, she saw Aubree turn even paler. “I don’t mind doing anything as long as Lucian forgives me, but…” the younger woman trailed off.

Gina, who was beside her, then said, “Sonya, you have no idea how severe things are. Lucian’s absolutely livid. It was as if he had lost his mind last night. He even attacked Aubree. Look.” he then lifted Aubree’s hair from behind her back to show Sonya the mark on Aubree’s neck.

Both Sonya and Elias froze when they saw the bruise on Aubree’s neck. They never thought that Lucian would be so rough with her.
Once they recomposed themselves, Sonya asked, “How’s… your bruise? Is it bad?”

Aubree pursed her lips and shook her head. “It’s nothing. As long as Lucian forgives me, this injury is nothing.” The upset Sonya felt toward Aubree withered quite a bit when she saw the regretful look and bad bruise that Aubree had.

After all, they had witnessed with their own two eyes what Aubree had done all those years. Furthermore, it was true that Estella was rather aloof and stubborn. It would be quite challenging for outsiders to take care of her.

Therefore, Sonya could understand why Aubree had hit Estella. “Lucian’s just caught up in his anger. I apologize to you on behalf of him.
Don’t take this incident to heart,” Sonya apologized to Aubree. However, tears fell from Aubree’s eyes.

“I’m fine, but… I might not be able to be with Lucian anymore. I can’t even take care of Essie. I’ve betrayed the
trust you’ve given to me. If Lucian chooses Roxanne, I’ll definitely give them my blessings.”

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