His And Her Marriage Chapter 127

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His And Her Marriage Chapter 127 – Abandoning Mommy And Bullying Us

With that in mind, Roxanne nodded and led him upstairs. As Estella had already fallen asleep, the room was only illuminated by a night lamp at the time. Afraid that she would wake her up, Roxanne made sure to be extra careful and gentle.

While standing by the door with his hands in his pockets, Lucian shifted his gaze from Estella to the decoration in the room. Not only did the room look exceptionally neat and tidy, but the dolls that Roxanne’s kids brought over also added a warm and homely feel to it.

Looking at the room caused the anger that Lucian was suppressing to vanish completely and filled his heart up with warmth.
After applying the ointment, Roxanne made sure that Estella was still fast asleep before getting up. “It’s done.”

er gaze met Lucian’s the moment she turned around, and the two of them locked eyes in silence for a few seconds. Eventually, Lucian snapped out of it and said with a nod, “Thanks.” Roxanne then closed the door behind her and walked him downstairs.

After giving him a brief summary of Estella’s condition, Roxanne tried to end the conversation when she saw that it was quite late. “It’s getting late, so you should head back and get some rest. Don’t worry; I’ll take good care of Essie.”

Lucian nodded and got up from the couch. “I’ve spoken to the person in charge of the kindergarten. If you don’t mind what happened before, you may
let Archie and Benny continue studying there.” Roxanne agreed to it immediately.

“I will. Also, I think Essie should study there and hang out with the other kids too.” Having her return to an environment that she’s familiar with might just help improve her condition. She then anxiously waited for Lucian’s response as his permission was necessary for that to happen.

Roxanne had assumed that Lucian would at least ask her for a reason, but he simply went silent for a few seconds before saying,
“Okay, just go ahead and do as you wish. There’s no need to inform me about it.”

As Roxanne was Estella’s biological mother, she had every right to make such decisions on her behalf. Huh? Isn’t Lucian trusting me a little too much?
On second thought, maybe it’s just because he loves Essie deeply. He knows that Essie has taken a liking to me, so he’s placing her fully in my care.

With that in mind, Roxanne replied with a nod, “Okay.” Lucian said nothing further and left after that. The next morning, Roxanne woke the three kids up early in the morning and got them ready for kindergarten. They were about to leave the mansion when they saw Lucian standing at the door.

“Please, allow me to help with sending the kids to school. It’s the least I can do after placing Essie in your care.” Roxanne, Archie, and Benny froze upon hearing that. The two kids then turned to look at Roxanne and waited for her answer.

Roxanne glanced at Estella, who was still holding on to the hem of her shirt, and accepted his offer after a brief moment of hesitation.
The four of them got into the car and took the same seats as the night before.

While Lucian was driving, Archie kept stealing glances at him with a conflicted look in his eyes. He felt that he should be hating Lucian for abandoning Roxanne and bullying them, but he just couldn’t bring himself to do so. Roxanne was the only one talking to Estella along the way.

Everyone else simply kept quiet throughout the entire drive.

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