His And Her Marriage Chapter 123

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His And Her Marriage Chapter 123 – Should Have Just Killed Her

Aubree tensed up when she heard Lucian’s tone, and whatever hope she had earlier was gone in an instant.
Under normal circumstances, she would dress herself up before meeting Lucian.

Since he had asked her to get there within thirty minutes, she only had time to grab her handbag before rushing over.

As her house was quite far from the restaurant, the taxi driver had to floor the accelerator just to get her there in time.
Lucian was already waiting for her by the time she entered the restaurant.

He looked up from his seat next to the window when he heard the door open, the look in his eyes colder than the night outside.
“What is it, Lucian?” Aubree asked with a guilty look on her face while sitting down in front of him.

Lucian was exuding a terrifying aura as he glared at her in silence. Aubree clenched her fists out of nervousness but made sure to maintain a
calm smile on her face. “You dropped Essie off today morning?” Lucian asked all of a sudden.

Aubree nodded profusely. “Yeah. Mrs. Farwell asked me to help out, so I did.” Lucian let out a cold snort upon hearing that.
“Did my mother also ask you to see the head of the kindergarten and expel the two kids in the name of Farwell Group?”

Aubree went pale instantly as she wasn’t expecting him to find out so soon. After brainstorming for a few seconds, she came up with an excuse and said,
“I saw those two kids bullying Essie when I dropped her off, so I got mad and confronted the head of the kindergarten…”

She then looked up at Lucian nervously as she continued, “I just couldnt stand seeing them bully Essie, Lucian! I’m sure you understand, right?”
Lucian arched an eyebrow at her in response. “I do, but I would also like to know where that alleged bullying took place.”

“A-At the entrance of the kindergarten,” Aubree replied with a trembling voice. The look in Lucian’s eyes grew increasingly colder. “All right, I’ll have someone check the surveillance camera footage. I’ll let this slide if it is proven to be true. However—” “I-I got it wrong!”

Aubree cut him off anxiously when she heard him mention the surveillance camera footage. “I-It didn’t take place at the kindergarten!
It was at… Um…” She kept stammering and stuttering as she tried to think of something, but nothing came to mind.

Lucian glared coldly at her until his patience eventually ran out. “I won’t question how many more times you’ve abused Farwell Group’s name for
your own benefit. However, your actions today have triggered Essie’s autism! I will not show you any mercy if anything happens to her!”

Aubree felt a shiver down her spine when she looked up and met his gaze. She had no reason to doubt the veracity of his words at all.
Lucian then shot her another cold glance before getting up from his chair. “Lucian!” Aubree called out to him when she saw him leaving.

Lucian turned around and asked with an expressionless look on his face, “What more do you have to say for yourself? You’d better give me a
convincing explanation.” Aubree’s lips trembled, but she eventually lowered her head in silence.

It doesn’t matter what I say. My lies will be exposed once Lucian checks the kindergarten’s surveillance camera footage.
By the time she looked up again, Lucian was nowhere in sight. The look of fear in Aubree’s eyes slowly turned to anger and hatred.

Dmn it! How did things turn out like this? Lucian found out about what I did, and it’s all because of that little btch! She’s such a pain in the neck!
I should’ve just killed her this morning!

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