His And Her Marriage Chapter 120

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His And Her Marriage Chapter 120 – Must Protect Essie

Lucian followed right behind. The exit was not difficult to locate. However, Roxanne was lost because she
was frightened by the sophisticated gimmicks, causing her to panic.

After calming herself down, she managed to find her way out of the haunted house in a short time.
The sunlight shone on her face, dazzling Roxanne a little. Lucian, who was right behind Roxanne, couldn’t take his eyes of her.

At this point, both of them had different thoughts running through their minds. Noticing that the atmosphere was tense, Madilyn pulled Roxanne to a side and whispered softly, “What’s going on? What is he asking for?” Roxanne snapped back into her senses.

She gazed at Lucian, only to notice his anxious and worried look. The next second, she recalled what Lucian said in the haunted house.
It didn’t seem like he was lying. With that thought in mind, Roxanne started to feel worried about Estella.

Before this, she had always thought that Estella was Lucian and Aubree’s child. After knowing that Aubree was not involved, Roxanne couldn’t help but
like Estella even more. “Nothing, just some personal matters.” Roxanne smiled. Madilyn, however, was in doubt.

What personal matter did they have to discuss between them anyway? Even baffling was the fact that Lucian came here all the way.
Just as Madilyn wanted to pry further, she realized that Roxanne had already left her and was walking toward Lucian.

Madilyn’s doubts intensified. Lucian saw Roxanne walking toward him. He furrowed his brow and wanted to continue asking her for help.
Roxanne, nonetheless, spoke first. “Let’s take a stroll.” Lucian immediately heaved a sigh of relief.

He thanked her profusely, saying, “I truly appreciate this.” After deciding to pay a visit to Estella, Roxanne took over Archie and Benny
from Madilyn and said, “I think you may head back first. We’re going with him.”

She knew that Estella was reliant on Archie and Benny. With the two of them around, it could aid in her recovery. Madilyn decided not to pester Roxanne further. Quietly, she stared at the four of them leaving, behaving no differently from any other adoring family.

After coming out of Universe Park, Roxanne, together with Archie and Bernie, got into Lucian’s car, leaving behind Madilyn and the car that they
came with. Cayden was already waiting in the car. He revved up the engine and sped toward the Farwell residence.

While on the way, Lucian briefly explained Estella’s condition to Roxanne and her history of medical treatments.
Roxanne was disheartened to find out about the mental illness and hardships that Estella faced at such a young age.

It appeared that Estella’s condition had deteriorated. Holding that thought, Roxanne began to feel some guilt.
If she knew that Estella’s condition was that severe, she would not have said those things in front of her.

Archie and Benny sat quietly beside Roxanne. They listened attentively to Lucian, and their hatred toward him was slowly replaced by heartache.
Estella was about the same age as they were, but she had to endure such horrific grievances in life.

Even in kindergarten, she was ostracized by the others. We must protect Essie! Cayden was driving at a blazing speed, and they arrived at the manor shortly after. After getting down from the car, Lucian led Roxanne, Archie, and Benny and rushed toward the second floor of the building.

Meanwhile, James was waiting upstairs. Because of Estella’s resistance, he had to keep his distance while monitoring her, fearing that she would harm
herself. Hence, he left the door slightly ajar and silently stood at the entrance.

When he saw the four of them, James had his brows slightly knitted before nodding. “Ms. Jarvis.” Roxanne nodded in reply, and her attention was focused exclusively on Estella. “Where’s Essie? Let me take a look at her.” James pointed toward the corner of the room.

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