His And Her Marriage Chapter 117

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His And Her Marriage Chapter 117 – What Is There To Explain

Roxanne was scared out of her mind. Her body was trembling as she instinctively tried to burrow further into his embrace.

When he felt her body tremble, Lucian’s heart softened, and he asked, “Why did you come in here if you’re so scared?”

She was too stunned to react when she heard his voice.

Sighing, the man said, “I’ll bring you out.”

Roxanne slowly snapped back to her senses. She felt that the voice was really familiar, and the scent surrounding her senses made her heart sink.

Lucian? No. Why is he here?

She looked up in confusion and met up with the man’s worried eyes.

Roxanne froze as soon as their eyes met. She responded immediately after, and all fear seemed to have left her body. Her face turned expressionless as
she struggled to free herself from his embrace.

Lucian could feel her resistance, and he quickly became cold toward her, allowing her to move away from him.

“Why are you here?” she asked, watching the man before her warily.

Taking some time to recollect himself, Lucian replied indifferently, “To find you.”

Upon hearing that, Roxanne furrowed her brows slightly. “I think I’ve already made it clear enough. Seeing that you’re doing so much to look for me, there must be something you want, right?”

She had already blocked Lucian on all platforms after she left the kindergarten in the morning.

Now that he had found her, all her efforts had gone to waste.

Besides needing her help, Roxanne could not think of any other reason why he would look for her.

Lucian’s eyes darkened at her words. He originally planned to get straight to the point and tell her what he was after, but it felt as though her question had pierced right through his heart.

If he were to tell her that he needed her help, the woman would have come up with something sarcastic to ridicule him.

Staying silent for a few seconds, Lucian approached her in another way. “I just think that I haven’t given you a proper explanation regarding Archie and
Benny getting kicked out of school. I hope that you’ll calm down and hear me out.”

Roxanne was already determined that he was the one behind this incident.

All she felt was irony when she heard what was just said.

Explain? What’s there to explain? Did he not have enough of his fun over the past few days?

At the thought of this, a cold glint flashed through her eyes. Her tone was distant as she said, “Mr. Farwell, you hold great power, so do whatever you
want. You don’t have to deliberately explain after doing what you did. I don’t want to hear it either.”

The man scrunched up his brows as he said, “I always have a clear conscience whenever I do things, and there’s nothing I wouldn’t admit to.

However, this isn’t my doing. I’ve been blamed by someone else for no reason. I admit that I have spoken to the head of the kindergarten to kick Archie and Benny out when I found out that they were in the same school as Essie. But after the fuss she made that day, I promised I would never do it again as a consideration for my daughter’s feelings.

The only reason this whole thing had happened was that Aubree saw that the boys were studying there when she sent Essie to school that morning. She took the liberty of telling the head of the kindergarten to expel the boys. I only found out about this when you came looking for me.”

In the end, he was saying that Aubree was behind everything.

This made Roxanne feel more ridiculed. “So? What makes you different from her? You made the request first, and as your marriage partner, when Aubree
brought it up again, do you think that the head of the kindergarten would not have thought about what you said? Ultimately, this all happened because of you!”

Upon hearing her putting Aubree and him together again, Lucian couldn’t stop himself from feeling frustrated. “She’s her own person, and I’m my own.

Why do you always lump us together? I have no reason to intervene in Archie’s and Benny’s lives. I’ve already warned the head of the kindergarten
last night. The boys can return to kindergarten any time now.”

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