His And Her Marriage Chapter 110

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His And Her Marriage Chapter 110 –  Drawing Clear Boundaries

Estella was still playing with her doll on the carpet and couldn’t help but glance at Roxanne every now and then.
She managed to hear their conversation loud and clear.

When she heard Roxanne asking her father why he expelled the two nice older boys, Estella frowned in confusion. She expected to hear her father
explain that he had already gotten rid of that idea, but he didn’t speak for a long time.

Estella pouted angrily. Daddy’s a liar and a bad guy! He promised me not to expel Archie and Benny but still ended up doing it!
With that thought in mind, Estella tossed her toy onto the floor angrily and ran upstairs without looking back.

I’ll never trust Daddy again! Lucian heard Estella running upstairs and felt an oncoming headache at the sight of her. It was easy to figure out that she had overheard their conversation and misunderstood him again, causing her to throw another one of her little temper tantrums.

If he didn’t explain, she would probably get even angrier. Lucian massaged his temples and said in a deep voice, “I did talk to the head
of kindergarten before, but after Estella was done throwing her tantrum, I told him not to expel the two of them.

I really have no clue what you’re talking about. If you want, I can ask him for you.” Roxanne felt like he was simply faking it and said calmly, “Why should I
believe you? It’s already happened, and the head of kindergarten is under you.

Naturally, he would stand with you no matter what you say. Lucian, do you really think I’m an idiot?” She wasn’t completely wrong. Lucian could actually feel a headache beginning to clench in his skull, and he wanted to explain further, but the person in front of him had already stood up.

“I wish I never met you.” Her tone was calm, and she enunciated each word clearly. As soon as the words left her lips, she turned around and left.
At this, Lucian’s face immediately darkened, and he watched as she stalked off, almost boring a hole in her back with his stare.

As her figure slowly disappeared from his field of sight, Lucian took his phone out and called Cayden. “Go and find out what happened at the kindergarten. Find out why the hell they went against my direct orders!” Cayden could hear the pure rage in his boss’ voice and immediately obeyed.

Roxanne began feeling exhausted after driving away from the Farwell residence and looked around, deciding to stop by a dark roadside so she
could simply zone out. Why is Lucian doing this? If he knew he was doing this to his own sons, how would he feel?

What would her two kids feel if they knew how much their father hated them? Roxanne didn’t even want to think about how the two of them would feel.
Besides, with Lucian there, she really didn’t know where to send her two kids to.

She was afraid that every other kindergarten would turn her down for the same exact reasons. Roxanne felt full of guilt toward Archie and Benny when she thought about what might happen to them in the near future.

Her eyes began to redden once again, and countless tears began to fall like a string of broken pearls down her cheeks.
She took in two deep breaths and forced herself to calm down.

This had finally made it clear to her that Lucian would never accept Archie and Benny as his own. Archie and Benny only had her now, so she had to be strong for them. Luckily, it was just a matter of not going to kindergarten. It was a good opportunity to really draw clear boundaries with Lucian.

From today onward, she would make sure they no longer had anything to dowith each other.

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