His And Her Marriage Chapter 105

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His And Her Marriage Chapter 105 – Estella Was Slapped

On the way to the kindergarten, Estella sat in the backseat while hugging her backpack with her gaze lowered, looking a little upset.

Aubree was also determined to win the little girl over. At least, they had to appear close on the outside.

Looking at Estella’s state through the rearview mirror, she pretended to ask in concern, “Are you not feeling well, Essie? Do you want me to take you to
the hospital?”

Estella did not even lift her head upon hearing her voice. Aubree frowned and continued to express concern in a sweet voice, “How
about I excuse you from school, and we head back to rest for the day?”Despite those words, she still received no reply.

After waiting for a while, Aubree grew impatient. “I’m asking you a question, Estella Farwell. What’s with that expression? I can’t even have a decent
conversation with you?”

Hearing her displeased tone, Estella shuddered and hugged her backpack tighter. Upon noticing Estella’s visible resistance to her and recalling Sonya’s words the night before regarding the reason Lucian was unwilling to marry her, Aubree grew angrier the more she thought about it.

reason to be by Lucian’s side now? I also won’t have to feel on edge because Roxanne is back in the country!
After thinking for a while, Aubree drove the car to the side of the road in displeasure and slammed on the brakes.

Estella was caught off guard and tipped forward unsteadily. She pursed her lips as she looked up and promptly met Aubree’s burning gaze through the
rearview mirror.

As soon as they locked eyes, Estella’s eyes constricted, and she looked around frantically.

Every time this awful lady does something to me, she always has this expression, but there’s no way for me to ask for help now…
Aubree’s anger rose upon seeing her frightened look. She opened the car door and entered the back seat before slamming the door closed.

Estella hurriedly moved to distance herself from Aubree, but the latter grabbed her arm roughly.
“What is the meaning of this, Little Mute?

You’re displaying hatred toward me for your dad to see, isn’t it?” Aubree looked at her ferociously as she exerted more force into her grip.
“Have I not treated you well all these years?

I’m so close to worshipping you like my ancestor, yet this is how you repay me? Do you truly think I dare not to do anything to you?”
Estella was in so much pain that her eyes reddened,

but she still bit her lip and made no sound, merely lowering her eyes and not daring to look at the woman.
Aubree grew angrier at her lack of response.

She pulled Estella onto her lap and slapped the little girl’s bottom without holding back. “Stupid mute.
Do you truly think that I would appease you if it wasn’t for the sake of being with Lucian? Disrespectful creature.

It’s one thing not repaying me, but daring to show affection toward Roxanne, that b*tch? Such an ungrateful child! Let me tell you this.
You have to accept my marriage to your dad no matter what! Otherwise, don’t blame me for what happens next.”

The crisp slaps echoed within the car alongside Aubree’s vicious cursing. Despite her reddened eyes and tears threatening to roll out, Estella
stubbornly bit her lip, unwilling to cry in front of the wicked woman.

“You’re still being stubborn!” Upon seeing that the little girl remained silent, Aubree pinched her inner thigh mercilessly.
“Let’s see how much you can tolerate!”

Estella kicked her leg in pain as tears flowed out uncontrollably. While crying silently, she tried to get off the woman’s lap by struggling hard.

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