His And Her Marriage Chapter 103

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His And Her Marriage Chapter 103 – Want To Get Back With Her

On the way back from the café, Sonya grew more worried the more she thought about it. Hence, when Elias got off work, she called him to go to the
manor together. Lucian went to pick up Estella after work.

As soon as the two entered the door, they noticed the elderly Farwell’s sitting on the couch with a solemn
expression. It was apparent that they had something to say.

“Dad, Mom, why didn’t you tell me you were coming over? Is there a problem?” Lucian queried in puzzlement.
Those words had barely left his mouth when Sonya nodded solemnly.

“There’s something we wish to talk to you about.” Upon seeing the grave expression on his mother’s face, Lucian knitted his
brows. He turned his head and handed Estella to Catalina to allow her to take the little girl upstairs first.

Catalina obliged. Estella also greeted her grandparents obediently before following her caretaker upstairs.
Lucian sat down on the single couch beside his parents. “What’s the matter that made you come here so late?”

“Is Roxanne back?” Sonya went straight to the point. When he heard that, Lucian’s gaze darkened as he admitted frankly, “Yes,
we have met.” As expected, Sonya snorted and continued to ask, “Why didn’t you tell us?

Don’t tell me you still want to get back with her!” Lucian’s frown deepened, but he did not answer right away. Sonya’s heart lurched when he kept silent. “I don’t care what you think, but I’ll never agree to let that woman be a part of our family!

Back then, she left without a word and even had the heart to abandon her child. Now, she wants to come back? I’ll never allow it! If I allow it, what do we do if history repeats itself? Although you can accept it, Essie has already grown up. Can she bear it?”

After she finished speaking, she waited for a while. Yet, she received no response from her son.
Sonya’s expression changed as she tried to persuade him by bringing up Estella.

“Think carefully about what Essie had gone through all these years. The child had a weak constitution since childhood.
What do you think is the reason for that?

If that woman had taken good care of her for some time after giving birth before sending her back, I wouldn’t say anything.
However, she just abandoned Essie like that, causing the child to be in poor health.

Luckily, we have the means and managed to improve Essie’s health after much effort. But as a result, Essie developed an autistic temperament and was called a bastard child without a mother outside. Do you think this will not lead to the worsening of her autism?

It’s all because of that woman! Should you insist on letting her come back, I’ll take Essie to our place and raise her. In any case,
I’ll never hand Essie over to her!” After saying that and seeing her son’s lack of reaction, Sonya looked at her husband anxiously.

She had deliberately brought Elias there because she knew that his words were more effective than her own. Elias also felt sorry for his granddaughter, so he said earnestly after hearing his wife’s words, “Your mom is right.

I won’t care about your other matters, but I’m concerned about letting that woman come back and take care of Essie. You should consider it carefully.” Upon hearing his father’s words, Lucian finally reacted and looked up to meet their gaze.

Sonya secretly sighed with relief, thinking that he had listened to their advice. At the thought of Aubree’s aggrieved look that afternoon,
she could not help but utter, “It’s all thanks to Aubree for staying by your side all these years.

She even helped to take care of Essie and did all she could for us as though she were our biological daughter. From this perspective, how is she not
better than Roxanne? A girl’s youth doesn’t last forever. You can’t just keep her waiting.”

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