Faking it with Damian Black Novel Chapter 58

Faking it with Damian Black Novel Chapter 58 – -DAMIAN-

Once Gian left. I let ten minutes pass before walking out of the interrogation room. The hallway was empty.

The flickering lights made me feel like I was in a suspense movie, and someone would come out of nowhere to kill me.

When I reached the holding cell, the men who beat me up stared at me with wide eyes. I guess they didn’t expect me to walk out of here alive.

“How are you walking out of here?” The guy with a skull tattoo on his neck asked. I looked at them one by one, committing to memory each of their faces.

Once this is over, I will make sure to pay them at visit and ask them kindly who ordered them to hurt me.

Wordlessly. I walked away from there. Time is of the essence, and I need to get the f uck out of here. Reaching the lobby, the officer manning the front desk didn’t look surprised to see me. In fact, he seemed to be waiting for me.

Ross. That’s the name pinned on his chest. “Your belongings,” he placed a clear resealable bag on the counter, my phone, wallet, and wristwatch neatly tucked inside.

I took my belongings from the evidence bag one by one, confused as to why the precinct was empty.

“Do you know the guy who bailed me out?” I asked Ross, thumbing through my wallet and ensuring everything was there.

Ross shrugged. He was young, probably in his mid-twenties. Too young for the big boy’s job and forced to do the paperwork at the most boring time of the day. “Not really.”

I nodded, changing tactics. “Where is everyone?”
They’re searching for your ex-girlfriend,” he said without looking at me, flipping over the record book. He turned it towards me. “Just sign here.”

Sonja. What the f uck happened to her? She was under police protection. But Gian had already warned me to be careful with my next move. Someone was orchestrating all of this, and they have Millicent.

I scribbled my signature on the logbook, turning my phone back on. Before I left, I threw one more question at Officer Ross “Do you know what happened to her?” his brows arched.

“My ex He tilted his head to the side, staring at me, assessing me. “She went missing this morning. The officers on her security de were found unconscious in the hospital. Her husband is here, burning the chief’s as s, so everyone is looking for her.”

He doesn’t even love Sonja, so why the f uck does he care what happens to her? Last I checked, he was on a Caribbean cruise with two new supermodels under his wing. He’s here for a show. That’s the only reason he would cut short his vacation and find Sonja.

Danny told me Silverio threatened to make me pay for having a relationship with Sonja. He was another issue I needed to deal with after finding Millicent.

I thanked Ross for the information. It was one in the morning, and the first thing I did was call Danny. The fewer people who knew I was already out of jail, the better. Danny came ten minutes later, mirroring my confusion when I told him who bailed me out.

“How the f uck did he do that?” Danny shook his head, a frown on his face as we walked into his apartment. “You think he’s really in the mafia?”

That one was on top of my list. That, or Gian was a freaking spy. I don’t know which one is the lesser evil. As long as he’s not my enemy, I guess it doesn’t really matter right now.

“Could be,” I said, heading to his fridge and taking out a water bottle. Relief washed over me as the liquid passed through my throat.

“Millicent is missing.” I informed Danny.
“What?” he looked up at me, a series of emotions crossing his face. Surprise, confusion, then worry.

“Why do you think I accepted Gian’s help?” 1 ch ugged down the water to the last drop, tossing the empty bottle in the bin.
“I should call Mon,” he murmured, pulling out his phone from his jeans.
“No.” I said. Danny pinned me with a ‘why the f uck not’ look. “Mon is compromised.”

Running a hand through his hair, Danny leaned against his kitchen counter, a crease forming in the space between his forehead. “What’s your plan?”
I’m glad Danny could easily cope with what’s going on inside my head. He’s got questions I do not have the answer to, but he knows my priority.

He could ask questions later. For now, we needed to find Millicent.

“You got ammunition here?” I asked.
Danny nodded. “I got a few,” he walked out of the kitchen towards the basement. The basement was Danny’s man cave. The unmade bed indicates this was where he sleeps. He went towards the desk with two monitors.

“Guns are in there.” He pointed towards the couch under the stairs.
While he worked on the tech stuff. I dragged up the couch seat. Danny had a few handguns, knives, grenades, and assault rifle hidden under the couch.
“I can call a friend and ask more,” he murmured, his eyes glued on the monitor. He was tapping on the camera at Felicity Adams restaurant.

“Are these safe?” I asked. Danny hummed. I don’t need the cops tracing these guns back to Danny. “These will do,” I said. grabbing the backpack from the shelf and stuffed the assault rifle in it along with four grenades.
“Natalie Bauer,” he said, grabbing my attention from c ocking the Glock 19. “She was in the ladies’ room with Millicent.”

“Follow her,” I said, comprehending why Natalie would hurt Millicent. She had motives. Hunter ended his relationship with Natalie, intending to get back into Millicent’s good graces. But Sonja doesn’t add up to the equation. Then I rem Gian’s words. Someone is backing up whoever took Millicent.”

“She finished her shift at Crave Boulevard,” Danny announced. “She’s smart. No one would think she had anyth with Millicent’s disappearance like this.”
“Not at first,” I said and stood behind Danny. He followed Natalie’s car on the highway until she disappeared throu Highway 89.

There were no street cameras on that route. There was nothing there but miles and miles of empty fie bad I grew up in this city and knew where Natalie was going. “Gear up. I know where she took Millicent.”

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