Faking it with Damian Black Novel Chapter 53

Faking it with Damian Black Novel Chapter 53 – -MILLIE-

I don’t remember despising social media like this before. Even when Natalie threw me under the bus with that plagiarized vlog and my break up with Hunter.

I still skimmed at my accounts now and then, answering questions and accepting endorsements. But after Damian’s arrest. I just want to delete my accounts and hibernate away from the internet citizens’ prying eyes.

People these days are so opinionated. They don’t even check the facts before they accuse Damian of being a murderer.

Avideo of Damian manhandling’ Sonja at the cafe spread like wildfire on social media. Part of the video had been removed, and it was at an angle where the viewers wouldn’t make out their facial expressions.

Whoever took the video was across the street. At the beginning of the recording, Sonja was already agitated.

She rose from her seat, the chair almost tumbling backward. She said something that made the students at the table next to them look in their direction. Then Damian said something that made her sit down again. They talked for a bit. Sonja handed her phone to Damian, and then the said manhandling occurred.

She was ready to storm out of there, but Damian chased her. grabbing her arm and whispering in her eyes before he allowed her to walk away.

Then, last night, Sonja had been found in her car soaking in her blood. Detective Fraser said that Sonja called 911. She was unconscious when the responders arrived, and they took her to the hospital immediately and hasn’t woken up since.

The video and the series of messages and calls between Damian and Sonja were enough to make him the primary suspect.

I hated Fraser for arresting Damian and hated her even more for using her authority to make Damian look guilty. She was good at playing the good detective act.
It could just be a coincidence that Damian and Sonja had an argument two weeks back.

But Fraser dug deeper into Damian and Sonja’s relationship and discovered their affair. She questioned me if I knew about it. I kept my mouth shut as per Danny’s suggestion. Then, Detective Fraser insisted that if Damian didn’t try to murder Sonja, her investigation would prove him innocent.

I don’t believe s hit of what she said. It’s f ucked up, but we couldn’t do anything when Damian willingly let Fraser handcuff him and led him to the back of Hunter’s car.

Negative opinions about Damian flooded the comment section of the video. Some speculated that Damian didn’t want to end his relationship with Sonja, and things got out of hand. Silverio Blanchet had already released a statement against Damian and his wife. He didn’t even wait for Sonja to wake up, insisting he’d do everything in his power to both his wife and her lover pay for their immoral relationship.

Reporters were asking for my opinion about Damian. I had enough history with the media to know that no come from speaking your mind to them. They would bend your words to make a noise for their company.

There were a few who sided with him. It was a war, and the people who favored Damian were on the losing em twenty-four from his arrest, and people had already judged him Trial by publicity never ends well for either p to their reputation had already been done, even if the court had yet to prove them innocent or guilty.

“Nothing good will come out from watching that video, Millie,” Candice said, setting a cup of coffee on my table, the bellowing into the air.

I could deal with the accusation against Damian because I know it’s not true. He’s innocent, and whoever sent those messages and flowers to Sonja was behind this. Damian’s refusal to see me bothered me the most. I’m hurt by his decisio wanted to see him. I needed to see he’s okay.

Danny and his lawyer were the only people allowed to see him. Lasked Danny to send him a message for me, and waiting at the mansion drove me crazy, so I went to work.

I tossed my phone on my desk, grabbed the cup of coffee with both hands, and let it warm my palms. “Why won’t he let me see him, Can?” I breathe out.

She shrugged Tw don’t remember why bede tu? mared the sed impe (have to look at bet is be was the way Thai pe the eat of the planned down south Damian,
I concealed my die and will smile. “I know he will but can be but won about him”

She sat at me, looking deep to my soul, her empat m ong sing “You love him? I closed my eyes and bump. This wasn’t how I pictured selling us best frost about thing or her sey bother, but she cost read a book, so I achmased no” pressing a hand on ing a web Oh.

Millie? She mood and hugged me I never how modest that is chest low Tears tilled m yo at Temiraced Candice Does he know QD
I shook my brad no. “I do have plase tell us her “Why”” Candice pulled away staring at a hough I sad the rhe has felings for you, you know”

I snorted. “Did he tell you th Although Candice might have hated Damian growing up I know how much she’s reving for me and her stepbrother Bet opinion, although favoring me was still based Any observatione’s made can be coded national.

“No, but I have eyes,” she rolled her eyes, sitting her a ss on my desk as I spun around. I plucked the document on top of the pile, resting on my desk, browsing through it to keep my hands and eyes busy. “I knew this fake relationship you have with him would lead to something else from the beginning.

The way he looked at you… I knew it was only a matter of time before someone admits what he feels,” I took a moment to digest Candice’s observation, but decided not to pay mind to it. “How Damian and I feel about each other is the least of our priorities,” I reminded her.

“We might not have to deal with it if this case goes sideways.” Candice was not yet ready to drop the topic. The ringing of her phone saved me. She returned to her desk to answer it, and I focused back on the paper I wasn’t reading when a new notification about Damian’s case popped onto my screen.

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