Faking it with Damian Black Novel Chapter 51

Faking it with Damian Black Novel Chapter 51 – -MILLIE-

I woke to the strange feel of a heavy object pinning me down and a warm breath drawing a stripe down my neck. Groaning. I opened my eyes. It was breaking dawn. The soft light from the outside illuminated Damian’s handsome face, looming above mine.

“Hi” He smiled, his eyes alight with a fondness I hadn’t seen before. I was so used to seeing him rough and intimidating. smartas s at times, mostly when he’s around Candice. This version of his is new, and I like it. I liked it so much that I had to bite my lip to suppress a smile.

“Hm hey” My eyes squinted, forcing the sleep away. As the aftereffect of my slumber wore off, I realized how crazy my hair must’ve been and how disarrayed I might have looked. The urge to push him off me and run towards the bathroom was the first thing that came to my mind.

Damian tucked my messy hair behind my ears, his green eyes traipsing over my face as if I were an artwork he couldn’t take his eyes off. So I stayed where I was, enjoying his undivided attention.

“So_” Damian said, nudging my nose with his, planting a soft kiss on my lips. He chuckled as I chased his mouth, frowning when he pecked at my lips again
I groaned, palming the back of his head, and forced our mouths together. Damian smiled, kissing me the way I wanted him to kiss me until we were both in dire need of filling our chests with air.

So what?” I asked, sliding my hand down his chest, feeling the ridges of his muscles. A squeal fell from my lips when he rolled over taking me with him
Giggling. I wiggled on top of him until I was comfortable. Damian offering his body as my new bed. This was probably the best bed lever laid on.
“Last night really happened,” he said, his hand sliding slowly down my spine.

My brows arched. The same question had been on the tip of my tongue, but the soreness between my thighs was enough to
answer mine
“I think so.” I said coyly, tracing his jaw with my forefinger, his day-old stubble tricking my fingertips. “Are you regretting it?

It was a stu pid question, but after I saw that photo of him and Sonja, I prepared myself for the inevitable. I came home with him to end this agreement, but the opposite happened. This relationship was a freight train destined to break my heart, but after last night, I don’tknow what this was between us anymore.
“What?” His hand on my spine froze, his eyes going wide. “Why would you even-”

I shook my head. “It’s okay, Damian,” I said honestly. “What happened last night was consensual. I won’t force you to stay with me if you want to fix things with Sonja”

The fondness in his eyes I was enjoying earlier quickly morphed into anger. He palmed the back of my head and a ss, rolling us over, pinning me down with his weight. My world spun. It took me five seconds to witness the anger blazing in his eyes. It was burning hot.

Belching a low growl, he smashed his lips down to mine. The kiss was rough, forceful, and possessive. Palming my breast, he pinched my nipples and rolled them until they were stiff peaks. Then he nudged my legs apart.

The tangled sheets were the only barrier between us, but that didn’t conceal how hard Damian was,
“Last night wasn’t a f u cking mistake, Millicent. He tore the sheet between us. Then h ooked an arm under my left leg. held it up, and impaled himself inside me.
“Ah!” Without a preamble, he moved with precision; his hips started snapping, puncturing me with his hard c ock. “Damian!”

I clawed at his shoulder, feeling each determined thrust of his d ick inside me. Each time he pulled out, I heaved a breath and whimpered at the force of his entry
“You feel that?” Damiarr grunted between each punch of his hips, “I will f ck you every time you doubt my words, Millicent.”

“Oh, f uck!” I wept. He lowered his mouth on my breast, biting down on my nipple, tugging on it with his teeth.

I hissed, my teeth gritting together as he continued to f uck me. His name and a few pleading words in my vocabulary were the only thoughts swirling in my head.
My legs were shaking, my body arching off the bed as Damian kept a steady pace; his breath was becoming labored as 1 tipped off the edge.

He could feel every contraction of my walls, but each time I was close to coming, he’d change position, change his pace. I’d curse him each time, and he’d answer with a sinister chuckle.

“Im sorry! F uck! Please, just let me come!” I screamed; the sheets under me were already drenched with my sweat.

“Better f ucking remember that, he groaned, pulling out of me, my pu ssy gaping at his absence. He flipped me onto my hands and knees, lifte d my as s, and slid his co ck inside me again, taking me from behind. This position meant he could reach that sweet spot inside me with ease, and he knew it.

Circling a hand around my waist, he quickly found my c lit, rubbing circles on my sensitive bud. Bending over my body, he guided my face to the side and claimed my lips. He f ucked my mouth with his tongue at the same pace his c ock went in and out of me. My body was his instrument, and he played me like an expert, humming approval each time I’d cry out in cuphoria.

With his chest pressed on my back, I felt his muscles tensing. He was rearing close to his release.

“I’m coming.” I said when he took a breath, my toes curling as 1 st the sheet. I threw my head back, my eyes rolling to the back of my head as black dots danced around me. “Damian!”

“Give me what I want” He bit my earlobes, his finger moving frantically over my cli t as his c ock thickened and pulsed inside me.

“Oh, f uck!” I cried out, my body shivering as I exploded around him. My moans of pleasure and his grunt of satisfaction filled the walls of our room.

“Good girl,” Damian rasped, swearing and jerking so hard the bell frame screeched with his frantic movements.

I felt him spill himself deep inside me as I spasmed around him. The aftershock of my release made my knees and arms give out, falling face-first on the mattress. Damian chased me, his body quaking behind mine as 1 helplessly called out his name.

“Take it, Millicent,” he commanded hotly in my ears. “You’ve been a very bad girl.”
A wave of emotions takes over me. I sobbed as he growled in pleasure, my p ussy milking every drop of his release.

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