Faking it with Damian Black Novel Chapter 49

Faking it with Damian Black Novel Chapter 49 – -DAMIAN-

In the silence of the night. I could hear the gears in Millicent’s mind shifting.

Our day started well, and I won’t allow it to end like this. I’ve already made progress with her last night, and I wouldn’t let that go to waste just because of Sonja
F ucking Sonja. I knew that meeting with her would f uck me up, but not this quickly.

I took courage and gathered Millicent in my arms again. She fought me, but I held her tight. Her muscles were tense, and her breathing was labored, so I whispered into her ears. “You’re not going to ask me why I met her?”

She stopped resisting, figuring out whether to let me hold her or punch me in the face. I sighed when she blew out a breath and softened in my arms, as relaxed as she could be.
“Did you breach the contract? Something in her tone made me nervous.

We were treading half-blind in this relationship, in the end, it was the contract she trusted.
“What? I didnt-

“That’s good enough for me,” she cut my explanation off, her voice strained. “I’m tired. I want to sleep.”
She shut me out, withdrawing somewhere I can’t reach her.

“Talk to me, Millicent.” I murmured. This wasn’t part of my plans. I preferred the emotional Millicent to this detached version of her. I’d rather she scream at me, demanding an explanation, than give me a cold shoulder.

“I have nothing to say to you. I just want to sleep.” She disentangled from my hold, her tone sharper than a knife.
I groaned, forced her onto her back, and stretched on top of her I wanted to see her face, look her in the eyes while defending myself. The timid glow of the balcony lights illuminated the anger in her eyes. It left me stunned.

“I can’t read your mind, but I can see you’re mad. Why don’t you ask me what happened so I can explain myself?”
“I don’t want to hear it.” She flattened her hands on my chest, pushing me away. “And you don’t have to explain anything. I understand things perfectly.”

I grabbed her wrist, pinning them over her head. “What is it that you understand?”

She gazed at me with a passive expression, attempting to hide the pain and sadness in the depths of her brown eyes. “I understand that I am just a conquest to you, Damian. You got what you wanted, and now you’re probably working things out with Sonja.” She fought against my restraints.

She was a trapped wildcat, ready to claw my eyeballs out with the first opening she’d get. It’s f ucking turning me on. What was wrong with me?
My c ock grew harder, punching against the fabric of my shorts the more Millicent refused to succumb to my control.

*You understand sh it,” I said and removed the distance between our mouths. My body comes to life at the taste of her lips.
F uck me.
How come she tasted better than the last time I kissed her?

She resisted me at first, groaning and writhing beneath me. Everything she does goes straight to my co ck. It was as hard as a steel seconds into kissing her. If Millicent would stop fighting, she’d feel the dampness caused by her stubbornness on my c ock.

I kept her beneath me, kissed her until she was pliant, shivering, and allowed me to take what I wanted. My di ck screamed to be free from my boxers. There was no way she couldn’t feel how turned on I was.

“You feel that?” I rubbed myself on her like a f ucking dog marking his territory. She whimpered, shutting her eyes as she bit her lips. Oh, she could feel that right. “When I saw Sonja, my co ck didn’t even twitch. But with you, even when you’re being difficult, it’s coming to life like a hungry beast.”

Her chest rose and fell rapidly as mine, her nipples straining against her silk top, begging for my mouth. And f uck if 1 wanted to give e what her body needed. “Is that supposed to make me feel better?” she groaned. “News flash, Damian, it’s not.”

“Hear me out. If you still feel the same way after, then I’ll leave,” I said against her mouth, fighting every cell in my body to take what I wanted. And talking wasn’t even on that list.
Millicent’s searching brown eyes roamed over my face. As though she found what she was looking for, she nodded.

“Fine. explain
I rolled onto my back, the tent on my boxer not going away. Licking my lips, I started my confession. “I went to California and spoke to this guy who could do a background on Rome.”

Millicent’s body stiffened as a pole beside me. I reached for her hand, and to my relief, she allowed me to twine our fingers. “And this guy, he came to my office this morning and gave me the documents I needed. There was a connection between. Sonja and Rome.”
She looked at me with wide, questioning eyes.

“We believe Sonja was involved with Rome.”
Fear vibrated through Millicent’s body, but she let me continue,
I was supposed to pay her a visit in Cali, but we got information that she’s already here in Roslin City”
“She’s already here even before you called her?”

“Someone is pulling the strings. Someone wanted her to be here, and I bet that person also wanted you to know about my meeting with her.”
“I don’t think me knowing about it is part of that someone’s plan” she muttered, sounding so sure.
“Why would you say that?”

“Because Gian told me about it,” she murmured. “He saw you at the cafe. He didn’t even know who Sonja was.”
“The f uck?” Now it’s my turn to be mad. “And you’d rather be mad at me before knowing my side of the story?”
n would never hurt me, Damian,” she s natched her hand from my hold, sitting up.

I don’t know what hurt me more. Millicent sn atching her hand from me as though my touch burned her or the reality that she’d side with Cian. It felt like a slap on my face.

“And I would?” Her trust issues were one thing, but choosing Gian’s side before she even heard mine was even more painful. I sat up, slid a hand down my face.
“That’s it’s not like that,” she stuttered, her voice coming out small.

“Then what was it like? Because all I can see right now is you trusting Gian’s words over mine.” I couldn’t hide the pain in my voice. It felt like she betrayed me.
“Because it’s easier to believe that you only said what you said last night to get what you want, Damian!” she cried.

“Why can’t you take my words as it is, Millicent?” I took her face in my hand and forced her to look me in the eye. “I want nothing to do with Sonja.”
“You know what? It’s really none of my business whether you want her or not. You’re only here because of the contract.”

“Will you stop talking about the f ucking contract? I’m here because I want to be here, because I want to be with you. Is that f ucking hard to understand?”
“I’m nothing like Sonja. I’m nothing like the girls you’ve been with!”

How can she make me want to pull my hair from my scalp and tim me on at the same time? Her jealousy drives me f ucking crazy.

My co ck thinks it was hot, yet my mind knew this was f ucked up. Something was definitely wrong with me, but who f ucking cares? Right now, my mission was to let this stubborn woman know that she’s everything I want and more. I kissed her again. She squirmed, fighting to be free, pushing me away

. I trapped her wrists together and kissed her until she was moaning into my mouth.
Pulling away to get some air, I said against her lips. “If my words can’t get through your stubborn head, I will f uck my way through it.”

Wh-what-” I didn’t allow her to say another word, cutting her statement off with another kiss. Weaving one hand through her hair, I palmed her a ss and lifted her onto my lap.
“The only thing you’re allowed to say is my name. Millicent. Begging me to make you come.”

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