Faking it with Damian Black Novel Chapter 3

Faking it with Damian Black Novel Chapter 3 – -Damian-

“Go ddam mi t, Sonja!” 1 roared, black dots danced on the back of my eyelids as my body shuddered with my release.

“Oh, Damian…” Sonja moaned, her eyes rolled to the back of her head, her pu ssy choking my c ock as I thrust to the hilt, enjoying her warmth
“F uck.” I groaned, pulled out, and collapsed in the space beside her. I pinched my eyes shut, heaving chunks of air, catching my breath.

lthough it was past midnight, the balcony lights cast a dim glow inside the room. Silence swelled between Sonja and me. Slowly, the world started to make sense again.

Like every time we were together, everything around me faded into the background. All that mattered was this woman who meant the world to me. I could f uck her all day, sleep, eat, and do it all over again the next day.

I met Sonja in my third year at the university. She was an ambitious woman, so f ucking tenacious, and it drove me crazy how she wouldn’t fall for my tricks; eventually, she did. We were insatiable back then until she moved to France to pursue her modeling career.

Through the years. I’ve had a few girlfriends, but there was never one as perfect as Sonja. And when we crossed paths a year ago, she declared the same feelings for me.

She started pursuing me, a persistent temptress who wasn’t willing to take no for an answer until I fell for her trap
I did my best to avoid her, knowing she was a married woman now, but like a druggie needing a fix, I kept going back for more.

She was a temptation, my kryptonite. One touch and I was on my knees, and when I got back to my senses, the claws of guilt appeared around my throat and chest, choking me back to reality.

I pushed off the bed. Sonja’s lithe hands reached for mine. “Come back to bed. Give me five, and we could go for another round”
What a f ucking tempting offer. We’ve already done it three times. I knew we could go f ucking all night if I’d stay.

This was f ucking messed up.
Nobody out there could pull me out of this mess other than myself. I am better than this. Nancy would be ashamed of me if she learned that I am f ucking a married woman. And for f uck’s sake, I am a man, and I deserved better than this.

Deep in my thoughts, I went to the bathroom and took a shower breaking things off with Sonja was the only thing on my mind.
It wasn’t as if I hadn’t tried the first time I learned she was married. When I told her I’d stop coming over, she threatened to take suicide. My conscience wouldn’t let me rest if she took her own life, so I stayed.

Wrapping a white towel around my waist, I returned to the room. Sonja was sitting on the bed, her back resting against the headboard, the light from her phone illuminating her soft jaws, big doe eyes, and swollen lips. Her brunette hair was wild and messy from all my pulling and tugging. She was so f ucking beautiful it hurts to even just think of not seeing her again.

My co ck jerked to life, knowing this woman could satisfy my cravings in bed. My needy o rgan protested at what I was about to do.

“Lyndon’s bar is opening tomorrow.” She looked up, her blue eyes hopeful. “Please be my date?”

Date. I scoffed. She just wanted to show me off to her friends. Her husband, Silverio Blanchet, was twice older than me, with a beer belly and stale breath. With all the money in his bank accounts, he couldn’t even find a good f ucking mouthwash to save his dear life.

I know her husband so f ucking well. He was one of my father’s business partners. Dad hired me to do a background check on him. That guy’s business is f ucked up, and it’s only a matter of time before the Bureau of Investigations pin their eyes on him.

“I can’t,” I murmured, picking up my boxer briefs on the foot of the bed, my jeans close to the bedside table and my shirt on the door, her thong hanging on the doorknob.

Did we f ucking play slingshot with it?

We’ve ravished each other like there was no tomorrow. I would miss f ucking Sonja Suddenly alert, Sonja put down her phone and tumed the lampshade on a frown creating her forehead “You’re leaving I searched the room for my socks 1 found one under the bed but couldn’t find the other “This has to end, Sonja My conscience won’t let me rest at night anymore.

F uck the socks I sat on the edge of the bed and wore one, then shoved my feet into my bonts
Songa crawled to me, wrapping her arms around my waist from behind “We’ve talked about this. D. You know I can’t live without you
I sighed. I hate hearing her voice breaking “I can’t do this anymore. Let’s just take some time off I need to think “No”” her hands tightened around me. I’m not letting you go!!

Anger simantred within me. I wring her hands off me and stood, pinning her with a searing gaze, but once my eyes dropped to her perfect ti ts, nipples as stiff as a pole and so f ucking pink. I swallowed hard. The space between my eyebrows wrinkled struggling to keep my eyes above her shoulder. Then divorce Silverio so we can be together. I can’t be your little secret anymore. Hlove you Sonja, and I want to show the world you’re mine”

Astorm of emotions swirled in Sompa’s eyes. It was the hrst time I had admitted my feelings for her. Deep down, I hoped this would finally push ber to file the divorce.

She stood before me, still very f ucking naked Long lashes fluttered as she looked up at me with those beautiful eyes
“I love you too. Damian, she said, wrapping her arms around my neck and pressing her lips against mine I clenched my st on the sade stopping myself from taking her into my arms. Ive heard her say that a thousand times, but I was waiting for a different confession this time “But I cannot divorce Silverio The doctor said we should avoid stressing him out.

His heart is enlarged and filing a divorce “She shook her head, stepping away from me “He can’t survive that, and I don’t want to be blamed if something had happens to him” Then she turned, her eyes gleaming with hope “He’s already seventy this year we just have to wait a little longer. He had very little time on his clock before he she swallowed hard, “dies”

My jaw ticked. The tabloid quoted Sonja as a gold digger and social climber, but my feelings for her banded me. But this She just slapped me with the truth
“He’ll live for another decade, Sonja.” I swallowed the bitter taste of her rejection and searched for my leather jacket. Tcan’
Wait that long”

“If you really love me like you said she waved a hand in the air, you’ll wait!”
My eyes narrowed to sh its: “Don’t even question what I feel, Sorgh, What is it, huh?” I said through gritted teeth. “Is it ho money Is that why you are changing to a man good enough to be your grandfather?”

She recalled lips quivered and I watched her shock morph mito anger. “You think I’m doing this for myself I am doing this fur un Damiant Once Silverio dies his money will be mine will be ours. This world is cruel. The more money you have. the more friends you have, and the happier we will be!”

“Moury in 1 everything. Sonja” 1 sad, my chest tightened and belief. Fant believe the woman I worshiped and dreamed of marrying saw I was in college was this shallow. I can’t buy you happiness and fulfillment is life”

Shar sutted “Your pot saying that now Tell me at divorce Saverio, can you support my neeth with your income as a guitar player And where will we live in your stinky apartment above that all time bar 1 It
“Yes, Song” I finally found my leather jacket i was hanging on the vanity chans across from the bed I skirted past her and grabbed it “Because that’s all I f ucking am A pour guitar player living in a sunky apartment.

I headed for the door. Sonja came rushing to me, hugging me from behind again. “Wait, Damian… I’m sorry. Sorry for saying those things to you. You know I love you.”
I removed her hands from me, repulsed that I f ucking fell for her tricks. How could I be so st upid? Looking down at her right now, crying and begging me to stay after belittling me the way she did, I’m glad she didn’t know who I truly was. At least she showed her true colors before I even put a ring on her finger.

“Don’t be sorry. At least now I know how you really see me. This was f ucking enlightening” I turned to leave again. Sonja skirted past me and stood before the door, blocking my exit.
She shook her head, tears streaming down her checks, “Please, Damian… Don’t do this to us.”

“Then f ucking divorce Silverio!” I roared
“You want me to choose!?” she sobbed. “I told you already, I will not divorce Silverio.”
Dark clouds loomed over my head. Then we’re f ucking over.”

Her eyes narrowed to slits. “Fine! But mark my words. You’ll come back to me when you miss me. I know you, Damian. You love me, and you won’t be able to resist me.”

It hurts that I know she was right. I’m f ucking crazy about her. But I’m doing this for myself. I stepped forward. Sonja stepped back, a pinch of fear crossing her face. “Once I step out of this room, you are nothing to me. Sonja. You made your choice. Now I’m making mine”

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