Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 99

Married at First Sight Novel Serenity And Zachary

Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 99 – “Won’t they try to explain themselves online?” Old Mr. Hunt asked.

The internet was foreign world to the old man. However, he knew the story his grandson posted on
Twitter was made up. He was worried that his two granddaughters would straighten the facts and
leave the Hunts without the money and pride in the end.

“Who would believe them? We hired trolls to write nasty comments and spill dirt on Serenity and Liberty.
The netizens will blast them to kingdom come if they even so much as get online.” Old Mrs. Hunt chimed in.

“Mike, use my phone and give Serenity another call. She better delivers the money right now if she doesn’t
want to face public outrage. Liberty probably doesn’t have much money since she has a family.

You must get Serenity to open her wallet.” ”Say that you’ll delete the tweet in exchange for six hundred thousand dollars
or be prepared to be ruined.She won’t be able to show her face in public,” Old Mr.Hunt added
“Granddad, we shouldn’t be the ones to call them.

We can only get what we want if they contact us instead.” Mike believed the trending tweet
should be able to force his cousins out of hiding. Old Mr. Hunt believed Mike had a point after thinking about it.
The person who made the first move would be the loser.

Old Mrs. Hunt contemplated for a while before saying,” People might not recognize them since
the photo you used was over a decade old. Liberty was looking more like her mother the last
time I saw her.

Serenity takes after her father.” Mike answered helplessly, “That was the only picture we have of them.
They didn’t stay in touch after they turned eighteen.

There was I supposed to find a recent photo?” The sisters changed a lot once they reached womanhood.
“Ah, why did the tweet drop from the trending list?” Mike witnessed the tweet dropping in the Trend ranking.

It fell a few more places minutes later when he refreshed the site. With the tweet about to be drummed out from Trends, he quickly gave his
friend a call. Despite getting an answer, Mike could not do anything about it “What happened?”

Old Mr. Hunt asked worriedly, “Is the story not trending anymore because Serenity and Liberty
cleared the air?” Mike mentioned that there were some netizens coming to the sisters’
defense when the story went viral.

These people clearly knew Serenity and Liberty personally. “No. Apparently, the viral tweet ahead of us wasn’t getting as much traction
after our tweet blew up, so our tweet had to be pushed to the bottom.

The viral tweet is the gossip about the richest heir in Wilt spoon and the heiress to Stone
Group.” It was Elisa Stone. She had finally made news with Zachary, but the story about a pair of
ungrateful granddaughters stole her limelight.

Fueled by anger, she pulled some strings to get traffic taken off the Hunts’ tweet.
Thanks to Elisa’s meddling, the Hunts’ tweet quickly made its way down the trending list.

Mike’s only option was to seek help from his media friends to share the tweet so the story could reach a wider audience.
Serenity and Zachary arrived back in the city at nightfall. “Let’s grab dinner.” Zachary uttered tenderly, “We’ll get dinner at a restaurant
before going to your sister’s place.”

“Sounds good to me.” Throughout the day, Serenity observed Zachary’s approach to handling
things and began to have trust and confidence in him. Zachary was slick and sharp while
staying perceptive and considerate of her feelings.

He made sure she never went hungry either. He took Serenity to a fine-dining restaurant. The couple
picked a table by the window to be seated. They had just ordered from the menu when Zachary’s
phone ringgit was Nana. “Zack, are you with Siren? I think she turned off her phone.”

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