Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 98

Married at First Sight Novel Serenity And Zachary

Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 98 – “Back then, your grandparents said

you didn’t have to help them with the cost of living if you split them half of the insurance money. Besides, your
grandmother is blessed with a lot of children. You girls shouldn’t be forking out the money for her medical bills.

“Your parents were still at the morgue when they seized a share of the blood money and hogged your house and land.
They wouldn’t even take you in or let you visit your parents’ grave. Don’t feel bad for not footing your grandmother’s
medical expenses.”

As a close friend to Serenity’s mother, Mrs. Deli was aware of the events at the time. Once the uncles
got their hands on the cash, they wanted no part in the funeral since Serenity’s parents died in a
gruesome car crash.

Her uncles either feigned sickness or made up some sort of excuse to evade the responsibility.
It was the mayor who had to step in and give the family a telling-off. With the community giving
them judging looks, the uncles begrudgingly helped put the funeral affairs in order.

“Yeah. They are ridiculous.” After learning that Serenity was back, some of the townspeople dropped by
Mrs. Deli’s for a catch-up. They had nothing to be afraid of since Serenity’s grandparents were not around.

Talking about that fateful event, everybody was ceaselessly exchanging their views. They reflected their
sympathy for Liberty and Serenity through their narration. Zachary recorded the exchange.

He also told the townspeople about the viral tweet and that their recorded conversations would serve as proof to retaliate.
Having found out that Zachary put their voice on tape, the townspeople felt put on the spot.

Since there was no way to run from rubbing the Hunts the wrong way, they might as well rise to the
occasion and lend Serenity a hand.

Everybody went into detailed accounts about the Hunts’ misdeeds toward Serenity and Liberty so
Zachary could have evidence to put forth a strong case.

Meanwhile, Old Mrs. Hunt sat on a bed in a ward at Wilt spoon General Hospital, looking rather alive and well.
Although she had liver cancer, Old Mrs.

Hunt kept a positive attitude. The cancer was still in the early stages, so the illness had not consumed her.

Old Mr.Hunt was peeling an apple for his wife as he asked his oldest grandson. “Mike, didn’t you say
your plan was bound to work? It’s been a while now, but Serenity and Liberty haven’t presented us with the money.

“Your grandmother’s going into surgery in two days.The surgery and post-op care cost a few hundred
thousand dollars.The girls must be doing well for themselves considering they have been in the city for years.

They must foot the bill no matter what.” Old Mr.Hunt still carried traditional patriarchal values, albeit
not shown on ordinary days. However, those beliefs reared their ugly heads when money was at stake.

Reluctant to spend his sons’ and grandsons’ money, Old Mr.Hunt expected the daughters and granddaughters to cough up cash.
This time, the couple had their minds set on getting Serenity and Liberty to pay up.

The old folks were still bitter about Liberty refusing to pay for their maintenance when she got married three years ago
Mike uttered calmly, “Don’t worry, Granddad.The effects are starting to show.

I got my friend to help me with the tweet.It’s still viral on Twitter.Many netizens are calling out their atrocity and
ungratefulness .They mentioned that a pet dog was more loyal than the sisters.”

It was satisfying for Mike to read the condemning tweets about the sisters. It was payback for blocking his number.
“I’ll get John to write another tweet.” John was a senior executive in a subsidiary of Stone Group.

He had a secretary who could pen a good article. Netizens always loved a good sequel.

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