Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 97

Married at First Sight Novel Serenity And Zachary

Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 97 –  Serenity swiftly wiped away her tears before turning to look at the lady.

Serenity immediately recognized her.” You must be Mrs. Deli.” The lady was one of Mom’s close
friends when Mom was still alive. It’s me. You came back.” Mrs. Deli was very friendly toward Serenity.

“Do you want to come by my place for a catch-up?” She looked at the house and said to Serenity,
”I heard your grandmother is sick and getting treatment at a hospital in the city.

our grandfather and your uncles made quite the fuss when sending your grandmother there.
They all took their cars. People might mistake them for going to some wedding or holiday.

“I’ve never seen them so proactive , but somehow, they were very zealous the moment your grandmother fell sick.
They were just putting on a show for us.” Mrs. Deli had no idea about the tweet online since she was without internet.

The viral tweet had not been up for a few hours, so it had not spread far and wide yet. “Mrs.Deli, do they
usually ignore my grandparents?” “They only visit your grandparents during the holidays.

Your grandfather has a pension and some money left from your parents’ insurance. Your grandparents
have nothing to worry about. I heard they have a savings of four hundred thousand dollars.Mrs.

pointed at the villas and said, “Those villas belong to your uncles. They’re the richest people in our
community. Your grandfather loves boasting about his children and grandchildren..

“If it wasn’t for…Is this your boyfriend?” Mrs. Deli believed Serenity’s uncles only had everything going for them
because the grandparents took half the insurance money and split it with their sons without any
regard for Serenity and Liberty who had just lost their parents.

nly then, the uncles had the funds and means to build their careers. All the relatives now own assets worth over a million.
It was a contrast to Serenity and Liberty who lost their parents and home. It had been a while since Mrs.

Deli heard from the sisters. Now that Serenity was back, Mrs. Deli was happy and felt bad for her, but what
could Mrs. Deli do about it? “This is my husband, Zachary.” Mrs. Deli uttered in delight, “Oh, you’re married? When?”

“We recently got our marriage license, but the reception hasn’t happened yet.” “I see.Your parents would
be happy to see you married.Sigh.Your parents were such nice people but left before their time.

Your relatives really took advantage of you and your sister. I’ve been waiting for justice to prevail. They should get
what they deserve for all the bad they’ve done.” It was a shame that karma never struck back.

Zachary gave Mrs. Deli a nod as a greeting before pulling out his phone to tap on the voice recording function.
He had secretly recorded the conversation between Mrs.Deli and Serenity.

With Mrs. Deli extending a warm invitation, the couple went to her place and stayed for dinner.
After dinner, Mrs. Deli whispered to Serenity, “I’m relieved that you and Liberty are doing fine now.

You must be careful not to let your grandparents know about it. Your grandmother is sick.
I think it’s the early stage of liver cancer. The surgery probably costs a lot of money.

“Knowing them, they will be shameless enough to make you and Liberty pay for it, even though they have more money.

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