Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 96

Married at First Sight Novel Serenity And Zachary

Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 96 – Of course, I can give you an extra day if you’re going on a blind date and
getting married.”

Josh disconnected his boss-cum-best-friend’s call. Zachary was trying to lead him astray! Not happening! Zachary only married in
haste because his nana made him do it. Grandma May took a fancy to Serenity so much so she sacrificed her darling
grandson’s marriage.

After giving out directives to Josh, Zachary got out of the car and went to get some snacks.
By the time Serenity returned , Zachary had snacks ready for her in the car.“ It’ll take some
time to make the roundtrip. Have something to eat. Don’t starve yourself over a tiny issue,” he said.

“Have you eaten?” ”Yeah.” Zachary ate just enough to stop the hunger. The snacks were not to
his liking, Seeing that Zachary was full, Serenity helped herself with the food Zachary was
tasked behind the wheel while Serenity filled her belly.

Serenity’s hometown was over an hour’s drive on the highway from Wilt spoon. It had been nearly
ten years since Serenity returned to the place. The sisters would come back for the summer
holidays in the past, but their return was usually met with the grandparents’ cold shoulders.

Their grandparents would not feed them, so Liberty and Serenity had to source their own food.
That was nothing compared to a later time when their grandparents tossed out their belongings
from their rooms touse as storage.

The sisters had no place to stay when they returned. With their parents gone, their grandparents were the girls closest family.
Not only did they refuse to take the girls under their care, but they also kicked the girls out and
occupied the home left behind by the girls’ parents.

Liberty and Serenity did not have close ties with the local community as they were young.
Although some people felt sorry for the sisters, they were powerless to defend against the grandparents.

Serenity’s grandmom had quite the temper and a vile mouth. Not many in the community had the
guts to step on the grandmother’s toes. The sisters were also not welcomed to visit their parents’ graves or look into
the parents’ will under the excuse that they were young.

In fact, the grandparents took the liberty to name one of the sisters’ cousins as the adopted son of their deceased parents.
Under such circumstances , Serenity and Liberty had no reason to come home.

If Serenity remembered correctly, the so-called adopted son was John. The grandparents did so for
John to take over the house, land, and farm left behind by Serenity’s parents

Zachary was a stranger in the rural area while many did not recognize Serenity as it had been a while since she was back.
It gave Serenity full access to take photos of her uncles’ residences. Back then, her grandparents
took her parents’ insurance money and split it between the uncles.

The uncles used the money to build new houses and start businesses. Life could not get any better for them.
Now, the uncles lived in their standalone villas. They had the most lavish lives in the community.

Setting foot back in the place she once called home, Serenity stood at the gate and stared at the house built by her parents.
Memories of her parents flooded her mind and filled her chest with suffocating despair.

There was a catch in her throat as tears in her eyes glistened against the light. Zachary stood not too far
behind and watched her quietly. Knowing that she was on an emotional roller coaster, Zachary had
the sudden urge to offer her comfortand a shoulder to cry on.

Time passed. An old lady was walking by when she caught sight of Serenity. She stopped for a closer look before exclaiming in joy, “Are you…”

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