Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 95

Married at First Sight Novel Serenity And Zachary

Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 95 –  Caught off guard by the response, Serenity ensued with a smile.

“Many couples break up in the face of adversity. We got married without knowing anything about each
other and have only lived together for two weeks. I’m grateful that you’re willing to face this together with me.”
in the scandal if not handled well.

The people around her might be embroiled “My sister and brother-in-law were college sweethearts and had been dating for
years before tying the knot. They also have a son together. My brother-in-law wasn’t very nice when he
discovered that my sister and I were villainized on the internet.”

Zachary fell silent for a while before responding,” Serenity, you can’t use your brother-in-law as the
benchmark for every man out there .It’s unfair to them and not everyone’s the same.”

He believed Hank’s feelings for Liberty had gone sour. As the new addition to the family, Zachary
did not want to point out that Hank was having an affair without proof.

However, it was his gut feeling that Hank was up to no good. “You have a point.” By looking at
Liberty’s marriage, Serenity was turned off by love and matrimony.

Serenity was lucky her man was decent. Although there were times he hurt her pride, Zachary was reliable when it
mattered. Her mind wandered back to Jasmine’s teasing.

Since she had signed the six-month contract with Zachary, why could she not give the relationship a go?
a rest stop ahead. “There s Do you need the loo? I want to fill up the tank.” “Sure.” Serenity was fine with it.

The car cruised along the highway for a few minutes before pulling up at a rest area. Zachary stopped the car at the parking lot.
The couple got out of the car together. However, Zachary returned to the car on his own after washing his hands to
give Josh a call.

With Josh answering the phone, Zachary instructed in a gruff voice, “Josh, I don’t care what you do or how you do
it, you need to get those in the know to speak up for Serenity.” Josh replied after a pause, “It’s no big deal.

I can get it done with a single phone call.” Zachary was bringing out the big guns over the littlest matter again.
After all, Josh had engaged with the community there while investigating the Hunts.

“What does Serenity plan to do?” Since the CEO’s wife was at stake, Josh had to ask. However, the truth was,
he was just being nosy. “She’s gathering as much evidence as possible to prove the relatives can
afford the medical fees.

She’s going to pull out the signed contract as well as proof of the Hunts’ treatment toward her and her sister.
I think we can turn things around if the community stands up for the girls.” “Serenity seems composed,
level-headed, and speaks with reason.

She’s just like you.” Raising his brow, Zachary snapped peevishly, “How is she like me?” “She’s your wife.
She got her composure from you after spending so much time with you. She got it together despite being
made the victim.

What? Do you hate that I praise her wit and poise? Are you taking it the wrong way?” Josh mocked Zachary.
Zachary was tempted to hang up in Josh’s face. “Can you send someone to the hospital to check on her grandmother’s
condition?” “Got it.”

Josh readily heeded the call and asked, “I’ve offered you quite a bit of help here. Can I take a week off once you’re back?”
“You get a day at most. People might think you’re going to get fired if you rest for a week.

Clive has been waiting to get one-up on me and poach you. He might be upset that it’s not going to happen.

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