Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 93

Married at First Sight Novel Serenity And Zachary

Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 93 – “We’ve been operating on business on this street for years now.

You all know what Siren’s like. Whatever that’s written online is bullish*t.” Serenity did not say much to defend herself.
It was Jasmine, who could not stand people getting the wrong message about her best friend, sticking up for Serenity.

Jasmine spilled the beans on the sisters’ hardship while they were in the hands of the Hunts.
It was a tell-all account that included the latest fiasco of the relatives demanding Serenity to
foot the grandmother’s medical bill and cover the cousins’ gas and whatnot after
the grandmother had fallen ill.

Everybody had borne witness to Serenity’s Even the other booksellers down the street, despite the competition among
businesses, believed Serenity was not that kind of girl. Now that they got the whole story, everybody
was fired up to put the truth across to the netizens.

The Hunts should not get away with this. Now that was a low blow even for the Hunts. They were stepping
on Serenity and her sister because their parents were not around. Spotting Zachary, Jasmine elbowed
Serenity who was scribbling something off the notepad.

Since the whole debacle took off, Serenity did not turn off her phone or change her number. However, she only
took calls from friends and rejected unknown numbers. The demeaning text messages that netizens
bombarded her phone with were left unread.

Calm and collected, Serenity wrote a retaliation strategy down on the paper. “Your man’s here, Seren.
” Jasmine was really liking Zachary now. He rushed to Serenity’s side in her time of need.

Even though they married in a haste, Zachary took upon the role of a husband. Serenity lifted her chin
as Zachary took steady paces over. Zachary quickly stood before her desk. Jasmine gave them some space.

Zachary first assessed Serenity’s emotional state. He was at ease to find her level-headed. With his eyes drawn
to the paper at the cash register, he picked it up for a look. His eyes reflected commendation by
the time he shifted his gaze back to her.

“What brings you here?” Serenity asked. To be frank, Serenity was swallowed into a warm embrace when Zachary
stepped into the room. He told her before that he would have her back. Zachary was true to his words.

He came over the moment she was in trouble. “I was worried, so I came to check on you.” Zachary’s voice was husky.
“I can relax now seeing that you’re coping well.”

“Did you take time off? Would that affect your work attendance?”
Zachary’s attendance at work seemed to be more of a concern to Serenity than her own situation.

Attendance must be crucial at a major corporation. Serenity would feel bad if her issue got in the way of his work as that was the
last thing she wanted. Zachary said faintly, “I’ve been with the company for many years, so being a senior has its perks.

Don’t worry about my job. What’s taking a few hours off just to see if you’re okay? “Come on.

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