Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 92

Married at First Sight Novel Serenity And Zachary

Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 92 – With her husband blowing up on her, Liberty was furious and disconcerted.

She snapped back. “Don’t worry. I won’t get you involved. After what I did to my relatives, I had no intention of staying
in touch with them. They’re the ones who won’t leave me and my sister alone.

They want me and Serenity to pay for Grandma’s medical bills.” Realizing that he might have come out harsh, Hank toned it down.
“Liberty , you can write a tweet to clear the air. I’ll pay for professional trolling to hype your post. You must refute their claims.
Don’t let them twist the story around.”

Although Hank was disgusted by Liberty’s presence, he had to admit that her relatives loved to spin stories far from the truth.
When he and Liberty got hitched, these relatives filled two cars and intimidated Hank with great numbers to fork
out a lump sum of family support.

Otherwise, they would not see the marriage through. Hank and Liberty were college sweethearts , so he knew
the sisters had it rough coming this far in life. Over the years, Liberty had never once badmouthed the relatives.
Although she despised them, she was not one to air her dirty laundry.

However, as if the hurt from fifteen years ago was not enough, these relatives had the nerve to demand
more money from him.It was outrageous. Liberty drove them out of there and did not invite them to
the wedding, refusing to give them even a dime.

In Liberty’s words, she was not indebted to her relatives since they never raised her. Although Liberty
welcomed them to the wedding to celebrate the joyous occasion, they could forget it if they were
herefor something else.

They had no say over her marriage. Liberty became an independent woman and took guardianship of her sister
after their parents’ death. “Siren and I will deal with this. Don’t worry. You won’t be caught in the

Worst comes to worst, we can divorce if they find you and ask you for money. This way, they won’t come
after you since you’d have nothing to do with me.” Hank immediately replied, “What are you saying, Liberty? What divorce? I
was just worried about Sonny.”

Divorce was in the cards for Hank, but his son was still young. Reading the disappointment in her
Even if Hank got custody of the kid, who was going to take care of Sonny? He would proceed with
the divorce once Sonny was older and no longer needed to be tended to.

Jessica often brought up that she would never become a mistress who could only hide in the shadows.
Hank should divorce Liberty and be with her if he really loved her. With Jessica having Hank wrapped
around her little fingers, Hank was subservient to her every wish.

While Hank went halves on everything with Liberty and refused to contribute more to living expenses, he was generous with Jessica.
Hank had a dinner date with Jessica tonight at a five-star hotel. “Alright then. I better get back to work.

Call me if you need me.” Hank put down the phone before Liberty could say anything A contrast to Hank’s
eagerness to dissociate himself from the scandal, Zachary was a lot more thoughtful.

Zachary had no time to catch up on the latest gossip. Josh, however, told his secretary to keep an eye out after he was tasked with
investigating the Hunts. His secretary happened to come across the Hunt sisters’ scandal when she was checking
out the viral tweet about her CEO.

She immediately reported the matter to Josh. Josh called his boss right away to update him about the news.
Zachary had noticed Mike’s connection to the press when going through the file on the Hunts.

He predicted that the relatives might turn the online community against Serenity to get an edge.
Needless to say, he was right. Instead of calling Serenity, Zachary left his work at hand to his people and
drove straight to Serenity.

Serenity was surrounded by neighbors by the time he got to the shop. They did not jump on her, but rather just inquired whether the story online was

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