Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 91

Married at First Sight Novel Serenity And Zachary

Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 91 – Ring, ring, ring… Serenity’s phone rang.

Picking up the phone for a look, Serenity saw that it was her sister and took the call. “Seren, did you
see the news on Twitter? They’re too much!” Liberty was up in arms.

As she was fifteen when their parents died in the accident, Liberty had a clearer memory of the events that followed.
Liberty kept a diary of every detail of their grandparents and uncles’ heartless deeds. She still had the diary in possession.

It never occurred to Liberty that these relatives would do a one-eighty and point finger at the sisters. “It’s not like they turned
bad overnight. They have always been evil.” “I’ll go online now to explain our side of the story.” Liberty was about to hang
up when Serenity stopped her. “No need to jump to our defense. Let the story sit for a while before we respond.

Then, it’s our turn to show the whole world who they are. “Since they put our faces and numbers online, we should do our homework
and stick the evidence in their faces.” “What do you plan to do, Siren? You have my full support. That reminds me, I had the habit of
keeping a diary back then and I still have it.

I remember everything they did to us. How about we post the diary online?” Surprised that Liberty kept a diary, Serenity replied,
” Send the diary to me, Liberty. I’ll compile the proof we need to fight back. I’ll post a long tweet together with the evidence and
make them regret for putting us in this spot.”

Did the relatives think the online attack and cyberbullying would intimidate her from going down without a fight? “Alright.”
“Don’t get involved, Liberty. I’ll handle it. You have Sonny. These trolls can be ruthless to go after you and your son.
Don’t go online in the next few days.

Turn off your phone or change your number. We can stay in touch with your new contact number.” Liberty was reluctant.
“This involves us both. How can I let you face it alone?” “I know you’re not scared, but you have a son to protect.
He’s young. God knows if these people would harm your family.”

Cyberbullying could go as far as harassing the family. Serenity was mainly concerned about her young nephew getting dragged into
this. “Don’t worry, Liberty. I’ll sort it out. Remove your SIM card and contact me when you get a new number.”

“Okay.” Liberty responded, “I’ll head to your shop right now.” Although Liberty agreed to get a new SIM card, she was not going to stay out
of the matter. After the sisters ended the call, Liberty received a call from her husband. Hank yelled at her through the phone,
“Is the article online tweeted by your relatives?

I told you to cut ties with them. I don’t care what happens to you, but don’t get me and Sonny involved.” Now that Hank had
climbed his way to a managerial position, his income was a lot more than what it used to be.
Those bloodsuckers would try to milk him dry if they were to find out about it.

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