Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 88

Married at First Sight Novel Serenity And Zachary

Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 88 – Elisa was the heiress of the Stones after all.

The Stones and Yorks might not get along, so the security guards’ inhospitality toward Elisa could aggravate the hostility between both giants.
It was not a responsibility the security guards could shoulder. Soon, a few speeding cars pulled up in front of York Corporation.

Getting out of the car, Clive took quick strides toward his sister who was yelling out all the love she had for Zachary through a megaphone.
The scowl on his handsome face did not go amiss. There was no question that Zachary called Clive again to make a fuss about
his sister’s antics.

Clive happened to be in a meeting when he received the complaint. Frustration could barely describe Clive’s emotions right now.
Ditching his team of executives, Clive took his bodyguard and came all the way to draggles back.

“Zachary…” Before Elisa could finish, the megaphone was snatched right out of her hands. She looked over and met the stern eyes of her brother.

Dumbstruck, Elisa cowered and cried timidly, “Clive.” Clive tossed the megaphone aside before grabbing Elisa by the wrist and dragged her along.

“Clive , I like Zachary. I really do. I have had a crush on him for many years, and it’s taken me until now to confess.
You need to let me do this. What if he falls in love with me too? Ouch, Clive. You’re grabbing me too hard!”

Without a word, Clive hauled his sister to the car and pulled the door open to stuff her inside. Elisa tried to get out from the other side of the vehicle.
“Take one more step.” Getting cold feet, Elisa lost the will to run and stayed put. Clive got into the car, shut the door, and ordered emotionlessly, “Drive.”
The driver stepped on the gas.

“Clive–” Elisa snuggled up to her brother while holding his arm as she appealed to his soft spot. “Shut up!” Clive chided.
“I have told you a hundred times that Zachary’s not a good match for you. You should give up but you won’t listen to me, huh?”

“I wanted to get over him, but the years didn’t help me to move on.I can’t give up now.I love him.Am I wrong to show it?
How would we know the outcome if you don’t let me try and fight for it?”. Loved by her family,
Elisa came from a line of wealth and power that gave her the confidence to face life.

She would do what no one had the guts to do. Regardless of her compatibility with Zachary, Elisa believed she should give it
a go. She was willing to accept failure for trying as giving up without a fight would always remains regret.

“It’s not like you don’t know Zachary.You can’t even get within three meters from him!” “He hasn’t fallen for me yet.
I’m sure he’ll make an exception for me once he’s smitten.” Clive smirked as he stared at his sister who would
stop at nothing until she had taken a crack at it.

He was furious, helpless, and sorry for his sister to have fallen head over heels for Zachary. “Elisa, I know a lot of fine men.
Listen to me. Get Zachary out of your head. He’s not good for you. Heck, the man’s heart is made from iron.
No woman can melt his cold heart. Even if someone can, that person won’t be you.

“Don’t make yourself a laughingstock.You’re not just embarrassing yourself, but me too.” “What do you mean embarrassing?
I’m only being truthful with my feelings. You should be familiar with the tricks. Didn’t your wife adopt the same method to
score your heart? You only have eyes for her now.

See, there’s nothing embarrassing about a woman going after a man.” Clive was left speechless. It sounded about right.
His dear wife had always been direct with her feelings. His wife pulled out all the stops when she pursued him.

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