Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 87

Married at First Sight Novel Serenity And Zachary

Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 87 – Ring, ring, ring… The office phone was ringing.

Zachary accepted the call and put it on loudspeaker. “Mr. York, Ms. Stone is here again.” With his face falling, Zachary uttered in a
flat tone,“ Ignore her.” The secretary replied, “Ms. Stone ordered a truck of flowers to be arranged into a heart shape and
delivered to the entrance of our building.

Apparently, the heart represents her love for you.” Josh’s eyes on his boss were sparkling with gossip.
Zachary looked askance at Josh before retorting, “What’s the security here for?

Why are they allowing trash at our doorstep?” He then terminated the call. The secretary got the message loud and clear.
Josh chuckled. “Elisa is a great girl.She’s forthcoming with her feelings.

I mean, the number of women who have a thing for you has got to be as many as the hair on my head, but only Elisa has the guts to profess her love and prove it with her actions.” “Go for her then if you think she’s great. Get her to give you all the attention, so I can have my peace again.”

Josh choked. “She’s not my type.” Josh gave an excuse as he was picky about finding his soulmate. It was all about sparks and butterflies.
Without that flighty feeling in the stomach, Josh could not fall for the woman no matter how pretty she could be.

“Zachary, are you planning to spend the rest of your life with Serenity?” “What does it have to do with you?” Josh was choked for words once more.
“You’re goofing around on company hours.Finish your food and get out.If you have nothing to do…” “I’m busy.

I have a lot of work. I’ll get right back to it now.” Terrified by the prospect of increased workload, Josh cut Zachary off and took mouthfuls of his
breakfast before packing up and getting out of there. Josh waited until he was out of the office before mumbling, “I wasn’t being nosy.

I was just concerned. That’s all.” So much for being nice, One innocent question almost cost Josh extra work.
His boss was bound to overwork him to death. Although Josh had left, he was not ready to give up on good gossip.

Josh told his secretary to take photos of Elisa’s beautiful display of flowers so he could use it to make fun of Zachary every now and then.
Besides, he could learn a thing or two from Elisa’s bold pursuits of love and emulate her when he were to meet the one.

The symbolic display of flowers representing Elisa’s love had just been arranged. The sea of red was a beautiful sight.
The security guards on duty got the orders from the top to destroy Elisa’s heart-shaped flower display.

However, they could not bring themselves to do it when they arrived at the floral art piece. Holding a megaphone , Elisa shouted at the sixty-eight story building.
“Zachary, I like you!” Everybody at York Corporation was amazed by Ms. Stone’s bad*ss stunt.

“Ms. Stone, please leave now.” A security guard on duty intervened. Ignoring the security guard, Elisa yelled and hollered at the office building
After taking the first step, Elisa had no qualms cranking up the pace. Her proclamation of love and floral arrangement at the entrance of York
Corporation quickly caught the eye of passers-by.

A growing crowd formed to stop and take photos and videos. The media even caught wind and dropped by.It was a pity that the flowers were
destroyed and removed by the time the media arrived. However, Elisa stayed on as the security dared not lay their hands on her.

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