Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 79

Married at First Sight Novel Serenity And Zachary

Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 79 –  Chelsea added, “Your place is not too far from the school.

I believe it’s in the catchment area. “Liberty can take care of the two kids, cook, and clean for them. The boarding expenses…” Hank interrupted her.
“Chelsea , they are my niece and nephew. Forget the boarding expenses. I’ll get the kids transferred to the school here.

Liberty will do the pickups and drop-offs. It’s not like she has anything else to do anyway.” Seeing that Hank did not hesitate to say yes, Chelsea and her husband were over the moon. Mrs. Brown pointed something out to her son. “Hank, you should discuss this with Liberty.

She’s part of the family too.” She then turned her attention to her daughter. “I heard the kids don’t get an automatic placement for the junior highs here.
The parents must live or own a property in the catchment area to get into local schools. Chelsea, it’s not like you’re living in the countryside .

It’s suburban. The schools there aren’t too bad. You and your brothers studied there and got to college just fine.” Mrs. Brown believed the location did not matter so long as the children did their due diligence studying.

“Oh, this reminds me. Hank, how about I named you the parent of the kids or you can transfer the title deed to my name? Once the kids graduate, l ’ll revert the guardianship tome or the house ownership to you.” Mr.

Renton held his son as he helped himself to some watermelon. He had no comment on the matter. Hank was quick to sign off on it without a second thought. Nevertheless, he said, “I’ll let Liberty know later. I call the shots in this family, but Mom’s right. She’s part of this family.

Besides, she has to send the kids to and from school, as well as cook for the kids. I’ll need to get her opinion on this. “I’ll call you once we reach a decision, Chelsea. Don’t worry. I want my niece and nephew to get into the best schools.” Ah, the love between siblings.

Hank had a lot of faith in his sister and was willing to help out as much as possible. Besides, his niece and nephews were not outsiders; they were family.
Chelsea was tickled pink, to say the least.

Switching to a lighter tone, she persuaded Hank, “Don’t be mad at Liberty. It’s normal for couples to have fights.

You’ve been together and in love since college. For Sonny’s sake, just let it go.” She was afraid that instigating a fight between the couple would steer Liberty away from cooking and playing. chauffeur for her kids. That would foil Chelsea’s plan in sending her kids to her brother’s.

Chelsea got to lie low when asking for a favor. Mr. Brown chimed in. “Hank, your sister’s right. Don’t go around talking about beating up your wife.
Sit down and talk things out. Don’t take the violent route. Look at me and your mom.

We’ve been married for years, but I’ve never laid a finger on your mom.” Hank grumbled, “It’s because my mom is the best. Liberty can’t be compared to mom She’s getting worse by the day. She’s not contributing anything to the family and thinks she’s doing me a favor because she’s caring for a child.

I only suggested going halves to save money because she’s spending money as if they grow on trees. In one day, she can spend half of the three thousand bucks I give her for monthly expenses! “Mom and Chelsea proposed the ideate me. If I don’t do that, Liberty won’t figure out a way to earn some money or understand the struggles.

It’s a challenge to provide for the family. Yet, here she is, splitting the house chores with me. Well, she’s got another thing coming.” “She spent over a thousand in a day!? That’s excessive. You have a mortgage and child to think about.

She could’ve been a little more considerate since she’s relying on you without an income. Going halves sounds like a good idea. I’m not saying you shouldn’t do that to her.” Mr. Brown took his son’s side immediately. “Desperate times call for desperate measures. She can take up a part time job while caring for the child.

But don’t keep talking about teaching her a lesson. Marriage is forever. It hasn’t been long since the wedding, and you’re already killing each other.
How are you going to survive a lifetime?” Hank pursed his lips and said, “Got it, Dad.”

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