Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 78

Married at First Sight Novel Serenity And Zachary

Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 78 – “Liberty, Hank has to go to work every day to earn for you and Sonny.

His job can be busy and tiring. As his wife, you should be taking care of him. How can you leave the house chores to him? .: “Hank only mentioned going halves so you don’t overspend the money. Why should you fuss about every little thing with your husband? Hurry up and clear the table.

Don’t make Hank angry. It’s hard enough he has to bust his *ss out there, so show some understanding.” 1 Chelsea echoed Hermon’s thoughts.
“Yeah. As if you know what that feels like. All you do is take care of Sonny at home while spending Hank’s money.

You have the cheek to order Hank around.” Liberty left the kitchen and approached the children’s toy motorbike to pick Sonny up. With a blank face, she replied, “I don’t have a job or a source of income. I can only rely on Hank because I’m a full-time mom. Yet, he expects me to pay for my half?! So, what is this? “Fine.

I’ll pay my half, but he must do his share of house chores too. We’ll go halves in everything. Didn’t you say I have it easy at home and that I don’t do anything? Well, you get your wish. I’m not going to do anything so Hank will know the house doesn’t clean itself.

His dirty clothes and socks don’t wash and fold themselves.” Liberty held her son and grabbed her brother – in-law’s gifts before making a beeline into the bedroom. She slammed the door behind her.

“She’s gone mad!” Livid, Hank banged the fruit knife on the coffee table and rolled up his sleeves with the intention to get into the bedroomed show Liberty who was boss.

“Hank.” Mrs. Brown pulled her son back. “What are you trying to do? Sonny is inside. Don’t scare Sonny. Wait until Sonny’s asleep before you teach her a lesson. Also, don’t beat her in visible places. Serenity will go after you if she sees the bruises. We got to watch our backs with her husband.

Hank was aware that Zachary worked in a major corporation ,but the sisters never gave the name of the company. Despite Hank’s attempts to befriend Zachary, the latter had always kept his distance from him. Hank was also a manager in his company, so Zachary’s attitude put him off from playing nice.

Following her mother’s words, Hank started to think Zachary looked down on him. Flipping his top, he said, “ Whatever happens between me and my wife ionone of their business! What? Is Serenity going to hit me? Well, they should be the ones watching their backs!” Chelsea added fuel to the fire.
“Hank, Mom’s right.

Don’t scare Sonny if you’re going to teach Liberty a lesson. You’ve been nothing but nice to Liberty, but that doesn’t seem to be enough for her.
I can’t believe she expects you to handle the house chores. I always give my husband a nice foot rub when he comes home from work.

“While men work toward their career and bring home the bacon, women should be running the household smoothly. She’s not a good wife to make her husband do her work.” On the surface, it seemed like Chelsea was calming her brother down, but she was only aggravating the situation.

Chelsea hoped Hank would beat the living daylights out of Liberty right now. Since his son was young and his mother refused to let him go, Hank had to
quit the thought of showing his authority to his wife for now. “She’ll get her punishment when Sonny goes to bed. All she does is eat and sleep all day.

The pig had the nerve to give me an attitude! She expects me to do the dish?! Ha!” Hank picked up the fruit knife and sliced the watermelon.
Mrs. Brown called her daughter to clean up the mess from dinner. The mother and daughter returned to the sofa a while later and took a seat.

Chelsea took a slice of watermelon to eat and said to her brother, “Hank, your niece and nephew are entering junior high. I was thinking of getting them into one of the schools here. Can they stay with you if I transfer them to an elementary school here for a year or two? It’ll be easier to enroll them to junior high here after that.”

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