Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 77

Married at First Sight Novel Serenity And Zachary

Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 77 – Chelsea’s youngest son was right behind Sonny, wailing and demanding.

“I want the plane Sonny got.” Gripping thetoy plane against his chest, Sonny nervously looked back at his cousin and murmured, “Huggies, Mama. Huggies, Mama.” Liberty picked her son up. “Liberty , tell Sonny to give the plane to my son. We’re your guests. Sonny should be nice to my son.

” Chelsea came over and wiped away her son’s tears before standing up to grab the toy plane from Sonny. Seeing that Sonny refused to let go, Chelsea was about to snatch the toy right out of Sonny’s hand when she caught aglimpse of Serenity and her husband.

Zachary had his hands full with bags. She immediately withdrew her arms and greeted Serenity with a smile. “Long time no see, Serenity. Is this your husband?

Why, he’s a handsome and striking man, isn’t he?” Not only was the man attractive, but he also carried himself with a presence and grace that even Hank, despite being in a managerial position, could not beat.

Chelsea was envious of Serenity. Long time no see, Chelsea. This is my husband, Zachary.” Chelsea exchanged greetings with Zachary. Aloof as ever, Zachary gave a nod without a word. Zachary took an instant dislike to Chelsea after witnessing the woman snatching Sonny’s toy for her son.

Sonny was younger than his cousin, and most importantly, the toy belonged to him. Why should Sonny give in to his cousin’s demand? As someone who has his people’s best interest at heart, Zachary was not going to stand by and let one of his own get the short end of the stick.

Zachary adored the little man and could not bear to put Sonny in that position. Liberty asked Serenity and Zachary to come in as Chelsea picked up her

Her son must be spoiled silly because he was still fussing over Sonny’s toy. Hank’s parents were all smiles, seeing that Serenity and her husband came bearing gifts.

They were not fond of Serenity before, but those feelings changed now that the latter was married and had moved out. Mr. and Mrs. Brown heard that Serenity’s husband owned a house at Bryn field debt-free and was in a senior position in a major company. These were good enough reasons to get on Serenity’s good side.

everybody took a seat. Zachary put the shopping bags on the coffee table. Spotting a new toy among other stuff, Chelsea opened the shopping bag and
took out anew toy set to give to her son. She said, “Don’t cry, bubs. Let’s play with the new toy.

We don’t like Sonny’s old toy, do we?” Zachary clenched his jawline and gave Chelsea a grimacing look as tension rose in theorem. Mr. Brown nudged his wife, hinting her to hold down their daughter from going too far. Serenity’s husband brought these new toys for Sonny.

Chelsea was only embarrassing herself for claiming things without permission. Feeling awkward, Chelsea’s husband, George Renton, got up immediately to grab the new toy set from his son and putt back on the coffee table. George carried his son and settled him down.

“Be a good boy now, bubs. I’ll get you a new toy later.” Chelsea could not read the room to save her life. Zachary blurted, “Let him play with the toy.
I bought a lot of new toys for Sonny. He won’t be missing that.” Having noticed the dirty hands of the Renton’s child, Zachary regarded theory that was touched as soiled and tainted.

Hence, the kid could have the toy for all he cared. He gestured to Serenity to give the new toy set to the Repton kid. Not wanting to make things harder for Liberty than they already were, Serenity picked up the toy and gave it to Chelsea’sson.

Then, Serenity noticed the little guy’s soiled hands and understood the reason behind Zachary’s sudden generosity.

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