Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 76

Married at First Sight Novel Serenity And Zachary

Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 76 – Serenity knew her money-driven relatives were not going to stop there.

Nevertheless, the family had no idea where the sisters were living. Since it was not easy to scour the whole city for her and Liberty’s whereabouts , Serenity quickly put the matter behind her so she could enjoy amice dinner at her sister’s.

Having been listening to the conversation the whole time, Zachary did not take the matter lightly. He had instructed Josh to get a file on the Hunts’ and trust that he would hear back soon. The couple arrived at Liberty’s apartment and ran into Liberty who was taking out the trash downstairs.

“Liberty.” Happy to see her sister, Serenity darted toward Liberty. “You’re here, Siren.” The fatigue across Liberty’s face was swept away at the
sight of her sister and brother-in-law. With Zachary retrieving bags of gifts from the car, Liberty whined,” We’re family.

You shouldn’t have to get us anything.” “It’s only some fruit, Liberty.” Taken in by Zachary’s kind gesture, Liberty was warming up to her honest and
courteous brother-in-law. Although a man of few words, Zachary was attentive and considerate toward Serenity.

Serenity would probably be stumped to find out what Liberty thought about Zachary. “Is Hank back yet?” Serenity affectionately held Liberty’s arm.
“Where’s Sonny?” “Hank is on the way home. He should be here soon. Sonny’s upstairs. My in-laws are here too.

They’re watching over Sonny so I can take the trash out.” Hearing that Liberty’s in-laws were hereto, Serenity furrowed her sleek brows without saying a word. There were certain things the sisters could keep between themselves. There was no need to say it in front of Zachary.

SI The Browns were aware that Serenity had gotten married. Hank’s sister, Chelsea , was here to inform Liberty that she would be sending her children to a schooling the city. The children would be staying with Liberty so she could keep an eye on them.

Since Liberty was already a stay-at home- mom, a few more children would not hurt. In fact, it had always been Chelsea’s plan, but Hank did not have enough room to accommodate merchildren.

Chelsea’s daughter was eleven this year and entering junior high in the upcoming school year while her son was ten.

Both her daughter and son certainly could not share a room. Chelsea’s youngest son was three years old and could only fall asleep in the company of adults. Now that Serenity had married and moved out, Hank’s place had an extra room for Chelsea’stwo kids.

It was more than once that Chelsea moaned to Hank about Serenity living on Hank’s property. Hank had no obligation to provide shelter for Serenity.
Chelsea resented Serenity for occupying a room that could have been for her children instead.

Partial to his family, Hank started to find Serenity an eyesore. He started to pick fights with his wife and managed to force Serenity out of the house.
Liberty beckoned Serenity and Zachary to come up to the apartment.

They had just stepped out of the elevator when Liberty overheard her son’s cries. “Sonny’s crying.” Serenity was more anxious than Liberty. The latter then whipped out her house keys and opened the door, saying, “The children must be fighting over a toy.

” Chelsea’s youngest son WA solder than Sonny by a year. The two boys often fought over toys when they played together.

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