Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 75

Married at First Sight Novel Serenity And Zachary

Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 75 – “Are you going to take the call?” Zachary asked as he caught his wife staring at her phone when he entered the car after loading the shopping bags in.

“It might be my money-hungry relatives.” “You’ll know who it is when you pick up the call. You can’t run forever. Don’t fear them. You got me.” With him around, he would have her back no matter what. Serenity was embraced by warm tingles when Zachary said he got her.

The guy might have many flaws, but similarly, she was not perfect either. Zachary had gone above and beyond for her even though they got into the
marriage knowing nothing about each other.

That scored Zachary another brownie point in Serenity’s books. Serenity accepted the call from the unidentified number. “Serenity, it’s me.

Granddad.” A slightly unfamiliar voice resounded with command over the phone. Despite losing contact with the family back in hometown, Serenity identified the voice to be Granddad’s.

Serenity hummed a response, waiting for Granddad to go on. “Mike called you in the afternoon to tell you that your Grandma is sick and needs to be admitted into a hospital in the city.

You were supposed to make an appointment with a specialist , but you didn’t We came this far only to be told to redo the examination before Grandma
could be admitted since we didn’t have an appointment.

“Where are you and your sister staying? We couldn’t find you at your last address. The people staying there said you moved away a long time ago.

Couldn’t you let your family know beforehand? Do you have any respect for your family? “A lot of people have come along on this trip, so we don’t have a place to stay. Hurry up and text us your current address. We need accommodation for two days.

Get cooking now. We haven’t had dinner. You could also wire me cash if you think we might be a bother in your house. We can stay at the hotel.” Serenity saw a rush of blood to her head.

Refusing to let his words get the better of her, Serenity asked with a flat voice, “How did you get here? By bus or on your own?” “Your cousins took us in their cars.

Speaking of which, don’t forget to pay for your cousin’s gas. The trip cost a lot.” “Oh, so your precious children and grandchildren aretalking about, Serenity? Just because you and your sister have it good in the city, it doesn’t give you the right to say that about your family.

penniless and strapped for cash?” “What are you Well, excuse me. You must be fairly disappointed because your cousins are successful in their careers.
Your cousin, John, has an annual income of a million…” Serenity cut Granddad off with a tap on the screen. She knew Granddad had a big mouth.

The latter would brag about every tiny achievement of his children and grandchildren so the world would knowhow great his offspring was. It stroked his ego, that was for sure. Despite having successful children and grandchildren like John who made a million a year, Granddad had the nerve to get Serenity to pay for the hotel and gas.

Did they take her for a pushover? Granddad’s eyes widened as he was interrupted from blowing hishorn, and rage quickly took over. Stopping himself from smashing the phone, Granddad lashed out,“ Serenity, that b*tch, hung up on me!

Mike said, “She probably blocked my number.” “Does she think she doesn’t have to pay by refusing the call? Do you know where the sisters are working?

Make them show up and cough out the money for your grandmom’s medical fees. We’ll need some funds to stay Icre and take care of her. Get the sisters to pay for that 100.” Mike shook his head. “I don’t know, but I have a way to make them come looking for us and pay up.

As ruthlessness flashed past his eyes, Mike decided to use his connections to teach the sisters a lesson.

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