Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 74

Married at First Sight Novel Serenity And Zachary

Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 74 –  By the time Serenity parked her sweet new ride and got into Zachary’s car, Zachary adopted a milder tone. He asked her, “This will be the first time I have dinner at your sister’s.

I should bring her a gift. What do your sister and brother-in-law like?” Serenity buckled up. “Get a toy for Sonny.My brother-in law smokes, so get him a pack or two. We can just bring some fruit.” “Right,” Zachary replied.

As the car drove out of Bryn field, he asked his wife,“ Where should we get the stuff?” “There’s a store not too far from here. We’ll make a pit stop and get Enter everything we need there.

Mr. York, have you lived here before I moved in? I’ve noticed you don’t seem familiar with the vicinity.” Zachary took the time to pause before replying, “I bought this house ages ago, but I let it sit because I was staying with my parents.

I thought I shouldn’t take up space at my family’s home after we got married, so I moved into this house.”

“Does your family have a big house?” Since Zachary rarely brought up his family situation, Serenity took little interest in getting to know him. Now that Serenity picked up on his misconception and precaution toward her, Serenity would rather stay out of his personal affairs.

“Our one big family is staying in the house under Nana and Gramps’ name.” Zachary was not lying about that. The York’s’ estate was registered to Nana and Gramps. After Gramps passed away, Nana urged Zachary’s dad to transfer the estate ownership to Zachary’s dad and uncles. The estate was jointly owned by the family anyway.

Nevertheless, Liam had not gone through with the ownership transfer yet. Zachary believed his dad wanted the house passed straight down to Nana’s
grandchildren to save the family from cutting through red tape. Serenity took it that the York’s were a middle-class family so the whole family was living together under one roof.

Grandma May did mention before that she loved having her children and grandchildren around. Nana probably did not want the family to break up and live in different parts of the city.

“I’ll take you there at a later date.” Zachary proposed without Serenity even asking. She was his wife in the eyes of the law. Zachary ought to show her around the family home, one way or another. The family estate had multiple buildings across the land. Some of the buildings were for the employees.
Zachary could use one of the employees’ residences to fool Serenity if this were to lapped before his identity reveal.

“Give me the heads – up when you want to visit your family home. I need to prepare myself for it.” Zachary curled his lips but quickly pressed his lips
together in case Serenity caught him smiling. “Sure.” All that talk cut the journey short. They soon arrived at the store Serenity mentioned.

The couple went in empty-handed and came out with Zachary’s arms full of shopping bags. Serenity said to not overdo the shopping, but Zachary wanted to make it extra special since it was his first visit to her sister’s place.

While he did not mind being labeled cheap, Zachary did not want people to
think that Serenity made a poor choice by marrying him.

Ring, ring, ring… With Serenity’s phone ringing, she thought it was Liberty. Serenity pulled out her phone and saw that it was another unidentified
number. She had a feeling that it was a call from the Hunts. She had already blocked cousin Mike’s number.

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