Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 72

Married at First Sight Novel Serenity And Zachary

Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 72 –  In a show of support, Jasmine circled Serenity’s new ride and complimented,

“Not bad. How much was it?” “About hundred thousand bucks.” “Was it paid in full or are you taking up a loan?” “My man made the full payment.” Jasmine beamed and patted her best friend’s shoulder.” Wow, Serenity. It did not take long for you to bag that man and get him to buyout a car.

“I knew you had it in you even though you didn’t know each other before the marriage. Mr. York must be blind if he didn’t fall for your charms.” Serenity was the best in Jasmine’s eyes. Once in the shop, Serenity poured herself a glass of water and chugged down half before replying , “You’re crazy.

Zachary found out that Shawn drove me home last night. We nearly got into a fight because he thought I was cheating on him. So he felt he did me wrong after I cleared the air and gave me a car as an apology.” Jasmine,“…” Here she was, imagining a Lifetime movie out of Serenity’s life when reality gave her a rude awakening.

“Jasmine, i’ll be honest about Zachary and I since we’re close. I didn’t even tell my sister. Truth is, Zachary gave me a contract to sign after we met the families on Saturday. “The contract was in his favor. He seemed to have a misconception that I was out to get his money. It was written in the contract that we’d have an amicable separation if we didn’t develop feelings for each other in the Next six months.

He’d transfer the ownership of the house and car to me as part of the divorce settlement. I guess that’s the damage to losing my youth. “He’s pretty generous on the matter. The house is all paid for and a prenuptial property. I simply moved in with my bags.

I didn’t want to take what wasn’t mine, but since he had drafted the term on the contract, I just let him beaned signed it. Still, I don’t intend to accept anything that’s his. I’ll move out the same way I move in when the divorce happens. “I told him I’d pay him back when we were getting the car.

He didn’t seem too pleased about it and just left me. Well, he can be unhappy all he wants. I better be clear on this before things get ugly during the divorce.” Jasmine, “…” A while later,Jasmine poked her best friend on the forehead and uttered. “What’s in that head of yours, Serenity ?

Mr. York said you’ll divorce if you don’t fall in love with each other within the time frame. Why don’t you give it a go then? “Mr. York tends to keep to himself, so I bet you don’t get much out of him. Men like that are softies. I believe you’ll have a happy ending if you can snag him.

Do you think divorces are fun? Did you talk about the divorce with Mr. York just now?” Serenity remained silent. Jasmine knew Serenity too well that the silence was her answer. Nir Caught between laughter and tears, Jasmine remarked, “ Well, don’t blame Mr. York for ditching you.

Although he bought you a car as an apology, he had changed his attitude toward you for the better. Otherwise, he could’ve put the whole thing behind by saying sorry or giving you a bunch of worthless flowers. Why bother splurging on a car?» Serenity fell silent for a bit before answering, “I don’t want to owe him even though we’re married.

It’s not like we have feelings for each other. But, I must admit that he’s better than my brother-in-law. At the very least, he paid for the living expenses and didn’t make me go Dutch. “I have the means to get my own car. I’m going to wire him the money later or I won’t feel comfortable taking the car.

It’s like this car is a ticking time bomb, threatening to blow up in my face one day.” Jasmine gave it a thought. “Sounds good. You’re an independent woman. Since Mr.York suspected you had a motive, you could prove to him that you’re not after his money.

It would take time to get to know a person well. Free-spirited as she was, Serenity quickly put the matter behind her.

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