Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 68

Married at First Sight Novel Serenity And Zachary

Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 68 – Hank’s mom said Liberty’s education was for nothing.

It was not like she could share the financial burden at home. A woman who could manage the house and earn an income suited Hank best. Most importantly, Liberty did not bother to primp herself. She lost her beauty and grace, content with becoming a fat and unkempt blob.

Liberty was no longer the person she was before marriage. Hank would not dream of taking Liberty to social engagements , worried that his colleagues and clients would make fun of him. Liberty had nothing on Jessica. Hank’s words saw Liberty’s blood pressure rising.

Liberty hung up the call. She omitted that she had invited Serenity and her husband over for dinner tonight. If both the in-laws and newlyweds came for dinner, there was bound to be a huge fight between them once the in laws were gone.

Nevertheless, why should Liberty stop her sister and her husband from coming when her in-laws were free to come at any time? Liberty had a say in the family too. Although Hank paid for the house deposit and mortgage, Liberty contributed to the renovation and furnishing. All her savings were spent on the home.

With that in mind, Liberty regained confidence. She would get extra groceries since Serenity and her husband were joining for dinner. It was a good thing Serenity enjoyed seafood too. Well, if splitting the difference was what Hank wanted, Liberty would keep track of the in-laws’ spending at their home too.

It was time to settle the accounts with Hank once the in-laws left. By going halves, Liberty could not run the house on her own. Starting today, Liberty would not lend a hand in Hank’s affairs.

He could handle his own clothes, socks, and meals for all she cared. Hank could forget her waiting on him hand and foot ever again.

Hank was such a charmer, convincing her to quit her job when they were newlyweds because he had the means to take care of her. She was to be his
prettiest bride at home.

Liberty had to resign when she got pregnant early in the marriage. She could not watch her waistline after the birth of
naticid vow Sonny. For the sake of breastfeeding, Liberty ate and expanded sideways.

Her change in figure was met with Hank’s criticism, Just as Liberty was staring at her son in the stroller, Sonny turned around and cried, “Mama.”
Liberty hummed and caressed her son’s head. She uttered softly, “You’re a good boy, Sonny.” “Mama… Aunt Swear.” “Are you thinking about your Aunt Siren? I invited her for dinner tonight.

You’ll see her later.” Getting the message , Sonny reflected joy on his young face. He was closest to his mother and aunt. Her son’s young and innocent face gave Serenity a reason to put her anger aside.

Since her in-laws refused to help and Sonny was still young, Liberty had to endure another year before she could return to the workplace.

Liberty would not be considering her in-laws’ persistent suggestion to have another kid. She barely held it together with one child. Liberty could forget about regaining a career if she had another one. Without a job and an income , Liberty had no say in the family.

Hank said that his parents could not care for Sonny as it was time for them to relax and enjoy life, but Liberty knew for a fact that her in-laws took her sister-in-law’s children to school and back. Her parents -in-law would rather care for their daughter’s children than spend time with their son’s child.

At the end of the day, they saw Liberty as an outsider. Between their daughter’s children and daughter-in-law, Liberty’s parents-in-law made it clear through their actions who they favored

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