Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 64

Married at First Sight Novel Serenity And Zachary

Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 64 – Zachary believed Serenity should not fork out even a dime.

Serenity would be labeled ungrateful whether she dished out the cash or not. She might as well save herself the pain and not pay the family at all.
The sisters were underaged when they lost their parents.

Yet, the relatives had the heart to abandon them, by not only taking a chunk out of the
insurance payout but also occupying the sisters‘ family home.

Thank goodness Liberty knew better and managed to overcome the years. Seeing that Zachary had a point, Serenity thought about it and said, “You‘re
right, Mr. York. I‘ll take your advice and give them nothing. I couldn‘t care less what they say about me.” Those people were not ashamed of their own actions back then.

Why should she now? Anyone who came at her about Grandma being old and she was family would feel Serenity‘s wrath. Those people should step into Serenity‘s shoes before they have the right to judge.

Serenity would only accept criticism from the people who could forgive and forget as well as repay hurt with kindness for what she had been through.

People should never judge a man until they have walked a mile in his boots. Serenity could not stand people who claimed the moral high grounds. Soon,
Zachary dropped Serenity off at the entrance of Wilt spoon School Since the students were in class at this hour, business was slow around the
school area.

Sitting behind the cash register, Jasmine fiddled with her phone. With Zachary dropping Serenity off, Jasmine immediately rose to her feet. “Mr. York.”
Jasmine said hello to Zachary. Without getting down from the car, Zachary rolled down his window and looked into the shop. He responded to Jasmine with a nod and half a smile.

“You better get to work. Send me a text when you arrive at the office.” “Sure.” Zachary nodded at the girls before winding his window up. He put the car in reverse to back his way out and drove off. “Where‘s your bike?” Jasmine asked suggestively, “Is your husband going to do pick-ups and drop-offs from now on? It seems that you’re getting along well.”

“Yeah, we are.” The couple got on fine when Zachary did not cross her line and Serenity did not whack him. “For some reason, my bike broke down in the middle of the road. I was lucky to run into your cousin. Shawn got my bike towed to the repair shop. He also drove me home. We should ask him out, so I can buy him dinner. You can come along too.”

“What are friends for?” “Still, he helped me. The least I can do is buy him dinner. I don‘t like owing favors.” Jasmine was tempted to say something, but now that Serenity was married, it made sense why she would rather not feel indebted to others, especially men. “Okay. You fix the date. I‘ll surely be there. I‘m happy to do whatever that doesn‘t cost me anything.”

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