Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 61

Married at First Sight Novel Serenity And Zachary

Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 61 – “Grandmom is sick. It’s liver cancer, but the good news is that it’s at an early stage,” Mike said on the phone.

“The doctor recommended going for treatment in the city. You and your sister have settled down in the city and know how to get around. Make a hospital appointment for Grandmom. We’ll set out in a bit and take Grandmom to the hospital. “This way, Grandmom can see a specialist right away when she arrives.

I heard that you must pay some sort of deposit for a treatment, so don’t forget to make the payment. Although your parents aren’t around, she’s your grandmother too. You girls have never contributed to Grandmom and Granddad’s living expenses.

Now that Grandmom is sick, you should cover for her medical expenses to make up for the neglected family support.” Serenity grimaced as her cousin went on about the plan. She lost her parents at the age of ten. Serenity and Liberty then received their life insurance payout of 1.2 million dollars.

Fair enough for Grandma and Granddad to want a share since they were their dad’s parents. As the sisters were underaged then, the grandparents got a bigger share than they deserved. Serenity also knew that the grandparents took half of the insurance money and divided it among her uncles and

Each uncle received a hundred and fifty thousand dollars while the two aunts got a share of twenty thousand bucks each. The rest was for the grandparents’ retirement. Although Serenity was only ten back then, she remembered every single detail.

It had not been forgotten that the grandparents made it official through a written agreement , witnessed by the town officials and Serenity’s maternal
side of the family, that the sisters did not have to pay for the grandparents’ living expenses so long as the sisters gave up a bigger portion of the
insurance payout to the grandparents.

The contract was signed and sealed by the grandparents, uncles, and aunts as well as both of them sisters. There were three copies of the contract, which were kept by the sisters, the grandparents, and the town community Despite the multitude of witnesses, Mike had the nerve to accuse the sisters of never providing for the grandparents. No relatives were willing to take in the sisters after they lost their parents.

Since their paternal grandparents took half of the 1.2 million insurance payout, the maternal grandparents did not want to lose out and demanded
four hundred thousand dollars too. The sisters were left with two hundred thousand bucks in the end.

Liberty, only fifteen years old at the time, arranged for their parents’ funeral and sorted out Serenity’s paperwork to get into boarding school. Serenity’s education was guaranteed along with her meals without being dependent on the hospitality of others. Such was the life of the sisters after their parents’ passing The so-called relatives never reached out or lent a helping hand.

However, the same relatives showed up unannounced one day, demanding money when Liberty was going to walk down the aisle. The way they saw it was that the family should be sharing the wealth now that Liberty made it big Only these relatives were capable of such a shameless act.

It came as no surprise that the family was demanding for the sisters to pay the medical fees now that the grandmother was sick. “Mr. Hunt, you’re twelve years older than me if I remember correctly. Fifteen years ago, you were twenty two when my parents died in an accident.

You were there when we were splitting the insurance payout. Don’t tell me you’ve forgotten that we don’t need to pay for Grandmom and Granddad’s
maintenance in exchange for the insurance money. “You used the hundred and fifty thousand dollars from Grandmom and Granddad to build a house.

The hundred thousand dollars was also for their retirement. After enjoying my parents’ blood money, you have the cheek to accuse me of not
contributing to the family support and want me to make up for it?!” Fifteen years ago, a hundred and fifty thousand bucks was a large sum of
money. It was enough to build a house from the ground up.

“Oh, I forgot. Of course you do, since you have no shame! I’m telling you right now, Mike. I couldn’t care less!” Serenity terminated the call. Mike’s attempt to call again earned him a spot in Serenity’s blacklisted contacts. Zachary overheard the entire conversation .

He had not looked into Serenity’s past and only heard from Nana that Serenity lost her parents to a car wreck at the age of ten. The sister scraped through life and completed their studies with the insurance money. That explained Serenity’s great relationship with her sister.

Well, they only had each other for more than a decade after all. To Serenity , Liberty was the only family she had in the world. It seemed that Zachary should dig further into Serenity’s past. Serenity never spoke to Zachary about her extended family, nor did Zachary have the curiosity to ask.

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