Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 60

Married at First Sight Novel Serenity And Zachary

Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 60 – Zachary had his doubts about Serenity‘s aesthetics. Sure, Shawn was good–looking, but Shawn had nothing on him; he was way more attractive than Shawn.

Zachary wondered what name he was saved as in Serenity‘s list of contacts. The curiosity was eating Zachary up inside. Serenity took Shawn‘s call.
“Morning, Serenity.” “That‘s early. What‘s up?” “Have you had breakfast , Serenity ? I‘ll pick you up for work, and we can have breakfast together.

My treat or you can buy me breakfast if you want to.” Shawn‘s voice reflected hopeful anticipation. Since he was a huge help to Serenity last night, Shawn now had an excuse to drive Serenity around and buy her breakfast. “That‘s okay. I‘m nearly finished with my breakfast. My husband will be taking
me to work later, so you don‘t have to make the long trip.”

Oblivious to Shawn‘s feelings for her, Serenity simply did not want Shawn to brace the long distance from his home to Brynfield while getting stuck in the morning rush traffic. Shawn‘s wishful thinking was crushed by the mention of Serenity‘s husband. That poured cold water on Shawn‘s enthusiasm for sure.

It slipped Shawn‘s mind that Serenity was taken! Serenity had always been single, but she suddenly changed her marital status for a stranger. Why could she not wait for him? Although Shawn was young, he was happy to be her husband. It was a pity that Serenity never saw Shawn as a man.

Shawn was only a younger brother to Serenity. They had known each other for a long time. From the moment he understood what love was, Serenity became his crush. It was a shame… Nothing came of it. “Okay then. I‘ll have your bike delivered to the shop once it‘s repaired.”

Despite his heartbreak, Shawn kept it cool in case, Serenity picked up on weird vibes. “Thank you.” “Don‘t mention it. Well, I‘ll leave you to finishing your breakfast. Shawn quickly hung up the call. He was afraid he would reveal his true feelings if the conversation carried on. He did not want to blow up in
Serenity’s face.

Zachary overheard the entire exchange. He was unaware of the smile across his lips when Serenity mentioned that her husband would be driving her to work Serenity put down the phone only for it to ring again. This time, it was an unidentified number. Serenity hesitated for a moment before accepting the strange call.

“Serenity, it‘s your brother.” The unrecognized voice of a man saw Serenity furrowing her brows. She retorted , “Brother? My mom only gave birth to me and my sister. We don‘t have a brother.” As her parents bore no son, the family home and field were occupied by her uncles after her parents passed away. Her grandparents were still around, living in Serenity‘s family home. It had been years since the sisters returned to their hometown.

At least for now, it was not in the sisters‘ plan yet to go to court and reclaim the house. “I‘m Mike, your cousin.” The person on the other end made his identity known. Serenity dug into her memory. It seemed she did have a cousin named Mike. “What do you want?” After years of no contact, it could not be good news now that he called her.

Serenity had her guard up. Since the Hunts‘ home was over an hour‘s drive from the city, it was unlikely they knew she was married. That bloodsucking family demanded money from Liberty when she got married. If they were going to ask the same from Serenity, Serenity would not hesitate to kick them out!

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