Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 59

Married at First Sight Novel Serenity And Zachary

Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 59 – It was a silent night.

The following morning, Serenity got up and watered the plants on the balcony. Nothing beat the view of mother nature. Serenity had to say that spending a little bit of time in the mini garden had always put her in a good mood.

At least, it cleared her mind and soul of the lingering annoyance she had for Zachary. The mini garden was only made possible by Zachary.

After getting over last night, Serenity went into the kitchen to make breakfast. It did not take long before Zachary was up as well. He walked to the kitchen door and watched Serenity at work. His pursed lips quivered. “Morning, Serenity.” Serenity turned her head around to look at him.“ Morning.”
“Can I help you with anything?”

“I‘m good. You can put the laundry out and sweep the place if you have nothing to do.” Zachary was taken aback. Well, she was not shy to order him around. Yet, a word slipped past his lips. “Sure.” He turned on his heel and walked away. Zachary hung the laundry in the sun before getting his hands dirty with the cleaning.

The house was spotless since there were only both of them occupying such a huge space. Not to mention, they were often away at work. However, Zachary swept every nook and cranny, leaving no corners uncleaned. By the time Serenity had breakfast ready, Zachary was far from complete.

“What‘s taking you so long?” Serenity muttered before grabbing the broom from Zachary. Zachary, “…” Serenity swiftly finished the job in a few minutes.
Opening his mouth, Zachary wanted to get a word out but decided against it. He stole a few glances at Serenity. After the misunderstanding last night,
Serenity was livid and even hit him.

Lucky for him, Serenity did not seem upset anymore and made breakfast for him too. The girl was not one to be messed with! Zachary finally got a feel for where Serenity drew the line. It was preferable to solve any issues face-to-face. Otherwise, he should find the right time to cut to the chase.

No accusation, no bad blood. She was an easygoing girl. “You can look at me openly. No need to act like peeping Tom. I know I‘m pretty. I can bag silver at a beauty contest.” Zachary laughed. “I thought you‘d say you‘ll bring home the crown.” Serenity brazenly responded, “I should be humble.

I shouldn‘t say it out loud even if I have what it takes to be the champion.” Zachary, “…” After washing her hands, Serenity beckoned Zachary to have breakfast. She made egg muffins and sausages. The couple had a couple of them each.

The combination of red bell pepper, cherry tomatoes, and cheese in the muffin was Serenity‘s favorite. “I‘ll drive you to the shop later,” Zachary said. Without picking her head up, Serenity refused. “I can get a cab.” “It‘s not far from here.

It won‘t take up much of my time to drive you to the shop and get to the office. I can be flexible with my working hours.” He called the shots at York Corporation after all. Zachary was free to come and go at any time. It was not like anyone could and would stop him. “Alright then. We should leave after breakfast. Traffic is horrible during rush hour.”

“Sure,” Zachary answered. No matter what, she was his wife. He had the means of transportation and time to take her to work. No way was Zachary going to allow another man to drive his wife to places. Ring, ring, ring… It was Serenity‘s phone. Serenity had the habit of putting her phone on the dining table during meals.

As the couple was sitting side–by side , Zachary was tall enough to get a good view of her mobile screen even at a seated position. The caller ID was
“Pretty Boy Shawn”. Pretty boy!

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