Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 58

Married at First Sight Novel Serenity And Zachary

Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 58 – Zachary might pull a long face, but a rush of blood crept to his ears.

He was blushing for getting the wrong idea about Serenity, not because he was shy. There was no way he could be shy! “It was the question of a man‘s pride!” “Ha!” Serenity scoffed. Zachary‘s handsome face went completely red. “I don‘t like or love you, so why would I be jealous? I couldn‘t care less who
you‘re with if it weren‘t an affair.”

“You don‘t have to stress that you don‘t like or love me multiple times as if I‘m all over you. We’re only roommates living under the disguise of marriage. To be honest, I was in a hurry to move out because I didn‘t want my sister and her husband to fight because of me. I agreed to your nana‘s proposal to get a marriage license with you so I had a place to stay.

“If you want to talk about an ulterior motive, then it would be your house. I get free accommodation and save on rent while still putting my sister at ease.” . Zachary, “…” His house was more appealing to her than him as a person. Zachary had no qualms admitting his non–existent feelings for Serenity.
However, it was a bit much to hear the same thing coming from her mouth.

“I stand by my marriage vows. Wouldn‘t it be better if I stay in the house and drive the car you‘d leave me after the divorce to look for another man? Why should I put myself in a position where I get nothing?” Zachary, “…” It took a while before he ate a humble pie and apologized to Serenity.

“I‘m sorry, Serenity. I misjudged you.” Zachary did not have a leg to stand on anyway. His actions warranted an apology. “Just come to me if you have a problem next time. Don‘t lock me out the door like earlier. I anticipate troubles in your future marriage if you keep up with that. It‘d be worse if your wife had the same personality as yours.

The relationship will end in silent treatments before breaking down completely.” After a brief silence, Zachary reminded her, “I‘m already in a marriage. We don‘t share the same personality.” Zachary acted petty tonight, unlike Serenity who had been nothing but thoughtful. Serenity replied, “… I‘m talking about your future vrapiti vo marriage.

Not me.” It was in Zachary’s plans to divorce six months later. Still, it was written clearly on the contract that the divorce would only happen if there remained no sparks between them. Zachary‘s distrustful and stuck–up nature was not the most attractive trait in Serenity‘s books.

Even so, she had to admit that she could count on Zachary because he was attentive and considerate in many other ways. “I don‘t have feelings for
anyone.” “That sounds about right. Maybe you‘ll meet someone if you could get down from your high horse once in a while and stop thinking that everyone‘s out to get you. You struck gold when you married me.

Zachary thought to himself, ‘… Struck gold? More like coal.‘ He had never met such a narcissistic woman in his life. “Alright now. Now that everything‘s in the clear, you should go to bed.” Although Zachary disliked her tone, he said nothing in the end.

He returned to his room and slammed the door. Serenity murmured under her breath, “I won‘t feel bad even if you break the door. This is your house anyway!”

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