Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 56

Married at First Sight Novel Serenity And Zachary

Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 56 –  Should Serenity call Zachary to wake him up? Nana mentioned that Zachary would be furious if anyone were to disrupt his sleep.

Serenity looked at the time. It was past midnight. Zachary must still be awake since he usually came home around this time. Serenity took the plunge and called Zachary. Zachary was wide awake. In fact, he locked the door from the inside on purpose, albeit he had no idea of the reason behind his own actions.

Anyway, it triggered Zachary to see Serenity and Shawn together , looking like a match made in heaven. The conniving woman was in a rush to look for her next sugar daddy since she could not get much out of him. She had Nana completely fooled. At the end of the day, Nana had only known Serenity for three months.

How well could Nana know Serenity? Yet, Nana, driven by gratitude, put a lot of trust in Serenity and nagged Zachary to marry her… Zachary’s phone rang but he refused to pick up Serenity’s call. The ringing stopped after a while but not for long as Serenity called again.

Zachary left Serenity high and dry for three call attempts before picking up “Are you asleep, Mr. York?” “What do you want?” Zachary seethed. “You locked the door. I can’t get in.” After a brief silence, Zachary’s flat but sarcasm tinted voice came through. “I thought you were going to stay at a hotel tonight.” The spite came out of nowhere for Serenity.

Why would she stay at a hotel? What was with the sudden lash out? Did she step on his toes in any way? “Can you open the door, Mr. York?”
Being the bigger person, Serenity let his tone slide. Zachary remained without a word.

The couple settled into an awkward tension before Serenity broke the silence. “Mr. York, I’m fine if you want me to stay at a hotel. I can always use
the debit card you gave me to pay for the night at Wilt spoon Hotel.” Zachary, “…” “Hang on!” He callously uttered before hanging up.

A few minutes later, he got out to open the door. Zachary turned on his heel and walked away the second the door was opened. Serenity walked into the house and locked the door behind her. With Zachary making his way to his bedroom, Serenity called him back. “Wait, Mr. York.” Zachary stopped in his tracks without looking back.

“Mr. York, what’s with the salty and sarcastic tone tonight? Did I offend you in any way? Just tell me directly if you have a problem. Don’t bring the issues to bed and give me that sassy attitude. I can move out if you intend to lock me out every day. This is your house anyway. Your house, your rules.”
Serenity was annoyed too.

Zachary turned around. His dark eyes bore into hers with the chills of a dark and stormy night. Serenity reckoned she would be frozen solid by the time he was done with her. “How did you come home tonight?” “What?” Serenity was confused by the question.

“Who took you home?” Serenity was dumbstruck. How did he know Shawn drove her back when she got off at the community gate? Did he have telescopic vision? Perhaps Zachary caught her getting out of Shawn’s car while on his way home. Regardless, Serenity did not notice Zachary at all.

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