Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 55

Married at First Sight Novel Serenity And Zachary

Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 55 – Even if Mr. York’s a normal man, he won’t engage with ordinary people like me.

” Serenity might be nosy about the heir of the York family at the dinner party, but that was about it before she lost interest. As normal as Mr. York could be, he would not interact with regular people like her. Serenity was not the lowest class in society, nor was she that high up on the hierarchical pyramid.

The richest people she knew were Jasmine and Shawn. Shawn qualified as an heir to a wealthy family. Since Serenity and the heir of the richest family did not belong in the same world, their paths would not cross. Shawn grinned without a word. Although he never looked down on Serenity, it did not mean other privileged men would not turn their noses up at her.

Shawn knew wealth and social standing stood above the rest among the upper crust. Despite Shawn’s efforts to rub shoulders with the veterans in the business at the dinner party, he was met with lukewarm responses. “The truck’s here.” After the truck was parked by the road, a man exited the vehicle and said, “Sir.” It was then Serenity realized that Shawn called his family’s chauffeur over.

The Lowe family’s personal driver borrowed a pickup truck from somewhere. Together with Shawn, the driver moved Serenity’s e-bike onto the truck.
“It’s late, Serenity. I don’t think any repair shops are operating at this hour. Bryan will haul your bike to a workshop tomorrow and deliver it back to you in one piece.” “Thank you.”

Serenity thanked Shawn from the bottom of her heart. She might have to push the bike all the way home until morning light if she had not bumped into
him. Shawn smiled. “What are friends for? Get on, Serenity. I’ll take you home. Are you still living at your sister’s place? “No. I live in Brynfield now.

I’m lucky you were here tonight, or I’d have to walk home while pushing the bike. I don’t know what happened. The battery was full, but still the bike stopped working.” Serenity suspected a short circuit. She got into Shawn’s car. Shawn was aware of the change in Serenity’s marital status.

Although her husband’s last name was York, the man had nothing to do with the wealthy York’s She must be living with her husband now. Shawn did not impose by asking the name of Serenity’s man. On the way to Brynfield , Shawn inquired, “Do you fancy supper, Serenity? I’ll treat you.

” Serenity replied with a smile, “I enjoy supper on rare occasions only. It’s late. You have to work tomorrow. I don’t want to take up more of your time.”
That was a no Shawn left it at that. He knew Serenity too well. Insisting further on the matter when she had already declined would only put her

Serenity told Shawn to stop the car when they arrived at Bryn field’s community gate. “I can walk from here.” Shawn meant to walk her to her block so he could have an idea of the building she was living in. However, it was hard to access a gated community like Bryn field. Alas, tulip UU Shawn had to give up on that thought.

He could ask Jasmine for Serenity’s address anyway. “Thank you for tonight, Shawn.” Serenity expressed her gratitude toward Shawn once more.
“It was no big deal. You’ve thanked me enough. You could buy me dinner if you really want to thank me.” Serenity smiled. “Sure. I’ll take you and your
cousin to dinner.”

Shawn pursed his lips and responded, “Can’t it just be the two of us?” “We can do that. But are you fine with Jasmine nagging at you?” Shawn curled his lips, agreeing in silence. Waving him goodbye, Serenity tapped her card to access the neighborhood. Shawn waited until her figure was out of sight before winding the window up and starting the car.

Serenity took strides to her home and pulled out the keys to open the door. It did not take long before she realized that the door was locked from the
inside. Did Zachary assume she was back and lock the door when he came home? Um… What should she do now?

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