Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 51

Married at First Sight Novel Serenity And Zachary

Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 51 – “Don‘t let the old Mrs. know about today.” Zachary told the people around him.

The bodyguards heeded his instruction. Mr. Zachary was married. Yet, Ms. Stone openly professed her love to him. The old Mrs. should never find out about it. Elisa‘s brazen stunt did not go unnoticed among those in York Corporation.

The employees stole a few glances at their boss as Zachary walked into the building. Bearing a straight face with his lips pursed as always, Zachary took strides while being surrounded by his bodyguards. There was just a regal air about him. Such a man was a heartthrob to most young women.

Many young female employees in the company would be swept off their feet after catching a glimpse of the young CEO. However, nobody had the guts to come clean about their feelings toward Zachary, let alone chase after him. The way ordinary people saw it was that the Yorks were far beyond reach.

Even if the boys of the York family were known for their commitment to their partners, the issue was bagging one of their hearts. Back in his office, Zachary pulled out his phone to call Clive. It took a while before Clive picked up the call. “My, are pigs flying? I can‘t believe the great CEO, Mr. York, is calling me.

To what do I owe the honor?”. With a cheeky smile , Clive teased Zachary through the phone. “Clive, sort your sister out!” The mention of his sister saw Clive taking it seriously,“ What did Elisa do?” He knew that his sister had a crush on Zachary for many years and could not move on from him.

Lately, Elisa told Clive that she planned to profess her feelings for Zachary. With that in mind, Clive had a bad feeling about it. Did his brash sister go and
rip her heart out to Zachary? Why did she have to fall in love with Zachary‘s deadpan face? “She‘s pestering me! She‘s outside my office right now.

Either you come here and take her away or I‘ll get my men to throw her out.” “I‘ll get my wife to take her home now so we don‘t trouble you, Mr. York. Go on with work, Mr. York.” Zachary scoffed coldly and ended the call. Clive was left seething with rage, not toward Zachary, but his sister.

He immediately called his wife and shot a question the moment the call was picked up. “Honey, where are you?” “I‘m shopping with Mom. What‘s wrong? You sound angry.” “Go to York Corporation now to collect Elisa. The girl went to look for Zachary and harassed him. You know Zachary.

He won‘t stand for it.” Clive was mad at his sister for loving Zachary still despite the family‘s dissuasion. He was also worried that Zachary might not be nice to Elisa. Although Zachary was like a block of ice, he had a fiery temper. Anyone who got on Zachary‘s nerves would be thrown out regardless of class, status, or gender. Zachary would not hesitate to disgrace the person.

Zachary was the mover and shaker of Wilt spoon’s business world. Since the media put his every move under a magnifying glass, Zachary would not have to do anything for the media to tear into the people on his hit list. Clive‘s only concern was her sister‘s reputation tarnished by Zachary. She would not be able to show her face in Wilt spoon again.

His wife replied, “I‘ll head there right now. Don‘t be mad. All Elisa wants is to try. She‘ll give up if it fails. She doesn‘t want to live with the regret of not even trying.”

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