Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 47 –

Married at First Sight Novel Serenity And Zachary

Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 47 – Serenity had no idea about the interaction between Zachary and Grandma May.

It was a surprise running into Zachary at Beans and Cream, but putting two and two together, Serenity figured out why Zachary ended up
there. What was the reason behind Nana‘s actions? Was it so Zachary would get the wrong idea about her?

It was not as if Serenity was on a blind date. It was Jasmine‘s date. Even if Zachary saw her… Harking back to the scene at the coffee house, Serenity noticed the tension in Zachary‘s face more than ever. Although Serenity tended to be slow at picking up cues, she could tell that Zachary took things the wrong way.

Most importantly, Jasmine was at the loo, leaving Serenity with Mr. Bill by herself. It was a good thing Jasmine emerged from the loo right after. Her timely clarification loosened the tension on his clenched jaw. Serenity was clueless as to why Nana would do such a thing.

She might have saved Nana‘s life, but she expected nothing in return. It was Nana who remained forever grateful and tried to give Serenity the world. By right, Nana would not do anything to hurt her. Bearing more questions than answers, Serenity returned home and sat on the balcony swing.

Without turning on the lights, she quietly observed the night sky. Zachary only got home at midnight. Serenity was asleep on the swing by the time he reached home. Oblivious to that, Zachary assumed Serenity was in bed since her bedroom door was closed and the house was in darkness.

Taking a seat on the sofa, Zachary turned on the TV. He rarely watched TV but could use some background noise. He adjusted the volume to the lowest.
He did not want to wake Serenity from her sleep. Ring, ring, ring… With his phone ringing, Zachary looked at the incoming call. It was Cullum

“Cullum.” “Are you alright, Zack?” Cullum’s concerned voice came through from the other end. After a pause, Zachary asked him, “You knew Nana set me up?” “Bro! How did Nana set you up? All I knew was Nana telling you to get desserts from Beans and Cream. Nana‘s love for their cakes isn’t something new.”

Zachary scoffed. “My wife just so happened to be on a date at Beans and Cream.” “What!” Callum cried in aghast, “Your wife went on a date? Is she cheating on you? You were only married less than a week ago, and our families met yesterday.

We even talked about your future wedding during dinner, and now you‘re telling me your wife went on a date?” “She was there to keep her best friend company on a date.” Zachary replied, “… Zack, you could‘ve given it to me straight before I judged Serenity. I knew it. Serenity didn‘t look like the kind to mess around.”

“By coincidence, her best friend was in the washroom when I arrived. So, I saw Serenity sitting together with her best friend‘s date.” “Talk about coincidence. Even if Nana summoned you there, it wasn‘t like she could predict when you‘d be there to catch Serenity alone with another man.”.

Zachary fell silent and uttered annoyedly, “Nana bought Beans and Cream not too long ago. She‘s the real owner.” As the head of the household, Zachary had an idea of Nana‘s activities. “Zack, are you saying that the employees are keeping an eye on Serenity?

You happened to arrive when Serenity‘s best friend was in the loo, so you‘d get the impression that Serenity was onto the next guy.” Quick to catch on, Callum did not take long to get the whole thing straight. He responded amid chuckles, “I guess Nana is only anxious for the relationship to work since you and Serenity are married.

She‘s trying to get under your skin, so you‘d feel jealous. Were you jealous, Zack?” “I don‘t know what jealousy is!” Callum burst out laughing. “Well, maybe Serenity could teach you that new vocabulary. Nana is really fond of Serenity. Zack, I think you‘ll fall in love with her sooner or later.

She might not be able to change her upbringing, but Serenity‘s brilliant in every single way. Her copper – wire handcrafts are amazing and beautiful.”
He got a miniature tree from Serenity . Although it was not worth much, Cullum absolutely loved it. He decided to take the miniature tree to his office
tomorrow as Callum had a nice spot for it on his desk.

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