Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 310

Married at First Sight Novel Serenity And Zachary

Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 310 – Zachary sat outside for a while before getting ready to go back to work.

Serenity came out of the kitchen after washing the dishes. Seeing that he needed to go, Serenity walked with himto his car.
Keeping to himself, Zachary grabbed the envelope from his car and turned around to hand it to Serenity.

He said in a husky voice, “It’s all in here.” Serenity took the evidence of Hank’s infidelity, intending to thank him once more.
Looking into his dark and profound eyes, Serenity looked around and gave up on the thought when she saw people around them.

“Watch out on the road. Send me a text message when you’re at the office, so I know you got there safely.” Zachary pressed his lips together before acknowledging gruffly that he heard her. After getting into the car, he gave her a lingering look and drove off.

Serenity stood there and watched as his car accelerated away while feeling something had changed between them It felt a bit like love.
1 Perhaps she should not hide in her shell anymore. She could try and poke her head out to give love another go.

There was still a chance since the six–month agreement had not come to an end. With that in mind, Serenity took out her phone and sent a text message to Zachary. Serenity: [I wanted to kiss you just now, but I chickened out because there were people on the street.]

She did not get an immediate reply after hitting the send button. Serenity paused for a moment before taking the envelope back to the shop.
Sonny was asleep in his mother’s arms. Jasmine was enjoying cuddles with the two kittens when Serenity returned to the shop.

She asked, “Has your man left?” “Yeah. His lunch break is over. His work can get busy. He often gets home at midnight.”
Serenity stroked the kittens. Zachary gave her two ragdolls all at once. Honestly, Zachary was very good to her.

The dog was adorable too. Now that she was a pet owner, Serenity had to place an online order for dog food later.
“Liberty, there’s a cot there. Let Sonny nap there for a bit, so you don’t have to hold him.”

Serenity went up and carried her nephew before handing over the envelope. She said, “Zachary asked a friend to collect evidence of Hank’s affair.”
The envelope felt heavy in Liberty’s hand. Chapter 11 Taking in a few deep breaths, Liberty reached her hand into the envelope and
pulled out the photographs inside.

Apart from the photographs, there was also information on the mistress and receipts of Hank’s gifts to the mistress. The receipts were photocopies.
The pictures and the prices of the gifts were also printed on paper. Liberty examined the photographs one by one.

Although there was nothing of a sexual nature, they were intimate like lovebirds. The pictures burned Liberty’s eyes.
The other woman was about Serenity’s age. She was beautiful, slender, and hot, the type that men would go for in a lover.

Jessica Yates! That was the mistress’s name. The gift receipts and pictures were an eyesore. Liberty found it ironic. She quit her job to become a housewife, give Hank a child, and run the household like clockwork. Yet, Hank accused her of sitting all day and doing nothing.

He only gave her three thousand bucks for living expenses, claiming that she only squandered the cash. Hank even insisted on halving
expenses with her. It had been a long time since he had given her anything.

Hank was only willing to fork out a thousand and two hundred Chapter 10 bucks for his son’s formula. However, he would pick the
expensive items for Jessica. The cheapest pair of earrings he bought for her cost a few thousand dollars. “Liberty,” Serenity cried with worry

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