Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 309

Married at First Sight Novel Serenity And Zachary

Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 309 – With Zachary putting it out there, Liberty did not argue and helped her son
put on the disposable gloves.

After lunch, Zachary helped his wife to clear the dirty dishes and brought them to the kitchen to wash. Liberty could not stop singing praises of her brother–in–law in her sister’s presence. Liberty urged Serenity to be nice to Zachary.

She was utterly afraid that her failed marriage would discourage her sister from believing marriages could work. Hank was a cheating b*stared, but that did not mean all men were the same. Good husbands still existed in the world. Liberty was not lucky enough to meet the right guy.

Serenity replied helplessly, “Got it, Liberty. You don’t have to constantly put in the good word for him. I’m going to help him with the dishes.”
She then slipped into the kitchen before her sister could start nagging about Zachary’s greatness again.

Liberty told her to treat Zachary right as if she had been bullying and torturing him. Jasmine secretly laughed in a corner. Zachary was getting ready to wash the dishes when he heard approaching footsteps. He turned his gaze to the kitchen door to see that it was Serenity.

He said, “I’ll do the dishes. Have a seat. It must be tough to prepare a seafood feast.” “I made a variety of food since you were coming for lunch.”
Serenity pushed him aside. “Why don’t you have a drink out there while I clean the dishes?

Your sister–in–law fears that I mistreat and push you around. She keeps telling me what a great guy you are and how I should be
nice to you. I’ve probably heard it a thousand times.” Zachary did not fight over the dishwashing duty.

He washed his hands and answered in agreement, “Liberty has been through it, so she knows what’s going on. She said it right.”
Serenity was speechless. “I brought along the evidence of your brother–in–law’s affair. The file is in my car.

Should I bring it out to your sister now?” “That’s fast.” Zachary replied, “Yeah. My friend’s pretty good at gathering intel. He’s good
at what he does.” “Does he own a private investigation agency?” “I guess you can say that.

“Someone among the Burcham’s was in that line of work, but the Burcham’s did not rely on the agency to gather info.
The family was rather secretive like the Johnsons in Annenburg. “Give the file to me before you go to work.

I’ll hand it to my sister later. Let her celebrate finding a job today. I don’t want to ruin it for her.” “Sure.” “If your friend doesn’t mind, can you invite him to have dinner at our place? A hotel would do too.

We should thank him for helping.” Zachary responded, “I’m buying him dinner tonight. Don’t worry about that. We won’t owe him any favors.” Since he had a business dinner today, Josh was naturally coming along. Josh must wonder how that was considered a dinner treat if he heard this.“

All right. Thank you!” “It’s no big deal. I hope your sister can break free from the Browns. ” Creeps like the Browns did not deserve his sister–in–law. Zachary might say so, but he had not broken his gaze at Serenity.

Serenity stopped washing the dishes and turned around to face him. She said, “By the way you’re looking at me, I get the feeling that you don’t want my verbal thanks. How about a kiss?” Zachary’s eyes deepened. Serenity smiled. “Ah, forget it.

I should make you an eagle with hopes that you soar in your career.” Zachary would prefer it if he got the kiss. However, he could not bring himself to say it out loud. With Serenity turning back to washing the dishes,

Zachary fell silent for a while before walking out dejectedly. She would usually tease him, but she seemed to stop that now.

Perhaps it was due to the few days of silent treatment.

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