Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 308

Married at First Sight Novel Serenity And Zachary

Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 308 – Zachary turned his head back and looked at Serenity who was focused on carrying two dishes.

Zachary quickly glanced at the food. It was a plate of greens and another plate of seafood. This was the seafood Elisa gave Serenity.
He took large strides over and grabbed the plates from Serenity’s hands. “Since I’m here, I’ll take the dishes out.

You won’t have to travel back and forth.” “Thank you, Mr. York.” Instead of leaving, Zachary stopped in his tracks and looked back at her.
“What’s the matter?” Serenity picked up another two dishes after Zachary took over the first two.

With his dark eyes staring straight at her, Serenity was puzzled and lowered her gaze to her clothes to see if they were stained.
“Can you… not call me Mr. York?” Zachary voiced his displeasure.

It was best to come clean with Serenity about his thoughts as Serenity was in no mood nor did she have the time to guess what was on his mind.

She abided by the agreement. “What should I call you then?” Pursing his lips, Zachary was at a loss for words.
He did not feel it was intimate enough if she addressed him by his name. “Babe” would be a good choice,

but he did not have to be a rocket scientist to ascertain that she would not call him that. He was not used to being called that either. “Up to you,” Zachary said right before carrying the dishes out. Serenity murmured under her breath, “

If I don’t call you Mr. York, will you answer me when I call you ‘babe‘?” He told her to keep their marriage a secret. There were not many who knew they were married. Not taking the matter seriously, Serenity quickly served lunch. Jasmine and Liberty set up the table and wiped it clean.

With the couple bringing the food out, Jasmine and Liberty went to the kitchen to help. Grandma May might not be here today to remind Zachary to peel shrimps for Serenity, but Zachary had gained the experience. He sat down at the table,

put on disposable gloves, and peeled shrimps before putting the plate of deshelled shrimps in front of Serenity. Knowing that Sonny loved eating shrimp too, Zachary set some aside for him. “Thank you, Uncle Zak,” Sonny thanked Zachary.

Zachary replied tenderly, “I’ll get you more when you’re finished with this.” “Okay,” Sonny answered obediently. Chapter UH The little guy had already filled his stomach with a sandwich, but he wanted in on the action. Seeing that Uncle Zak had disposable gloves on,

he said to his mother, “Mama, I want that…” As his vocabulary was still limited, Sonny pointed at the disposable gloves Zachary just removed,
indicating that he wanted to wear them to eat the shrimp. Liberty believed the gloves were too big for her son, so she replied,

“You can eat the shrimp with your hands. We’ll wash your hands when you’re done, okay?” Zachary pulled out a pair of disposable gloves
and handed them to Sonny. He said to Liberty, “It would be great if Sonny can develop a hygienic habit.”

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