Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 307

Married at First Sight Novel Serenity And Zachary

Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 307 – “You’re here too, Zachary.”

Seeing that her brother–in–law was around, Liberty smiled at Zachary before picking up her son. Liberty smooched her son’s cheeks a few times until the
little man was tickled pink. “Liberty,” Zachary greeted his sister–in–law. “Huh? Where did these cats and a dog come from?

They’re so cute!” Liberty noticed the new members in the shop after kissing her son. “Zachary gave them to me. Liberty, did you find a job?”
It had been quite some time since Serenity saw Liberty so elated as she did when she came in.

Liberty first praised the pets Zachary bought before answering her sister, “I got a job. It was unexpected. I didn’t think I’d bump into someone I know.
Seren, do you know where I’ll be working? “It’s Lewis & Co.” Serenity did not pay much attention to the major corporations in town.

She only recognized York Corporation, the most well known company in the city because her best friend would not stop talking about the heir.
She became more familiar with the company after she got married to Zachary as the latter worked at York Corporation.

She remembered Stone Group because of Elisa while the names of other major corporations were not something she44 kept track of.
Serenity did not bother taking interest in things that were unrelated to her as she had better use of her time such as selling her crafts online.

Hearing that it was Lewis & Co., she asked with a smile, “Is Lewis & Co. a big deal, Liberty? Did you meet an old colleague, who had changed jobs and is
working there now?” Liberty was walking on air now that she had landed a job. Since it was unnecessary to lie to her sister,

Liberty told the truth when recounting what had happened. The story made Serenity angry. Sure, Liberty was heavy, but the Chaplin lady
had no class to fat shame her sister. Her sister would have been kicked out of the building if Mr. Lewis did not come into the picture.

“I was at fault too, Serenity. I was too blunt and made Ms. Chaplin angry for calling her out on it. It’s all in the past now. I got a job and will be working
together with Ms. Chaplin. Let’s not talk about ancient history now. “Besides, we have already apologized to one another.

I can’t believe Mr. Lewis is the CEO of Lewis & Co. Thank you, Zachary. I think Mr. Lewis only gave me the opportunity because of you.”
Liberty could take a hint. Sure, she had met Duncan twice, but not for a good reason.

Duncan’s luxury sedans always ended up at the repair shop every time they ran into each other. Duncan probably would have shooed her out if it was not for Zachary. Zachary replied in a low voice. “I didn’t do anything, Liberty. You owe it to yourself to be hired by the company.

Mr. Lewis might be a client of my company, but he’s a man of principles. He wouldn’t let you work with him if you didn’t have the ability.”
Nevertheless, Liberty expressed her gratitude to Zachary multiple times. Serenity was fixated on her husband.

Noticing her gaze, Zachary looked at her, and their eyes met. There seemed to be something in Zachary’s eyes. Serenity did not incessantly give thanks to Zachary like her sister even though she knew her sister was likely hired by Mr. Lewis because of Zachary.

Serenity intended to wait until they were home alone at night to express her gratitude. She should think of something to give him in return for acting as the conduit in getting her sister a job. “Liberty, Zachary, come and have lunch. You have to get back to work later, Zachary.”

Serenity told everybody to get a start on lunch while she entered the kitchen. Zachary quietly followed behind her. She would call him by his name in front of her sister, but Serenity was back to addressing him formally whenever her sister was not around.

“Mr. York, I don’t need your help here.” Serenity remarked when she looked back to find her husband tagging along. Tension ran along his facial lines.
No sooner had he lamented about the way she addressed him in his mind than she proved 2728 This his grievance to be true.

“I came to wash my hands.” Zachary’s gruff voice carried a hint of discontent. However, Serenity was used to it as he had always talked this way anyway. She could not pick up on the displeasure in his tone. He made a beeline to the sink and turned the tap to wash his hands.

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