Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 306

Married at First Sight Novel Serenity And Zachary

Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 306 – However, Serenity’s words left Zachary dumbfounded.

It was not like he could argue since he forbade her from entering his bedroom in the first place. Similarly, he was not allowed inside hers.
Once more, Zachary believed the agreement he signed was restricting himself instead.

He would never dream that he would be the first to be tempted to break the contract. Zachary wondered if he could back out of it.
Where did she hide the agreement? Should he steal and destroy the contract when she was not at home?

It was simply a fleeting thought that Zachary quickly quashed. The Great Zachary York would never do such a brazen act.
“What an adorable dog.” Running her fingers down the dog’s fur, Jasmine could not get enough of the dog’s cuteness.

Zachary had a good eye. He picked out the most adorable dog and kittens. Sonny fought to get down on the ground. He did not want Zachary to hold
him as he wanted to play with the doggie. Serenity pulled out her phone to take pictures of the dog and kittens.

However, she did not post it on Facebook right away. Zachary had always kept an eye on her Facebook posts, but now… he still
had not added back her contact and Facebook account. “Serenity, send me the pictures you took.”

While she basked in joy, Zachary set up a trap for her to jump in. Serenity blurted, “You deleted my number. Why should I send the photos to
you? You’re free to take however many pictures you want.” Zachary fell silent.

A while later, he drew close to Serenity and quietly tugged on the hem of her blouse. A suspicious flush crept onto his cheeks when
Serenity shifted her eyes toward him. Zachary whispered, “I was wrong, Serenity. Can I have your number again?” Blinking her eyes,

Serenity stared at his reddening face. It was hard enough for a prideful man like him to concede but since he also gave her a dog and
two kittens as pets, Serenity generously gave him her number. “I’ll block your number if you delete my contact again.”

After adding her contact number, Zachary was back to his stoic self. He said in a husky voice, “I won’t make the same mistake twice.”
It appeared the couple had drawn the line at deleting contacts. They would be cutting contact if he were to delete her number again.

“So, you know you were wrong?” Pursing his lips, Zachary took a quick look at Jasmine and Sonny. He found the pair occupied with the dog so he leaned into Serenity’s ear and murmured, “I’m sorry. I was wrong about you, but you need to keep a distance from Shawn. He likes you.”

Serenity glanced at her best friend and matched his hushed tone. “I said, I won’t look for another man before we get a divorce.”
Zachary was at a loss for words. Why was he unhappy again? “Siren! Siren! I found a job!”

With Liberty’s voice coming through, her round figure soon emerged. She gleefully walked into the shop and yelled, ” Siren! I found a job! I’m starting
tomorrow. I’ll be working in finance, a post I’m familiar with.”

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