Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 305

Married at First Sight Novel Serenity And Zachary

Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 305 – Once Duncan and Liberty were gone, everybody around started to speculate
how their CEO might have met Liberty.

It appeared their CEO was watching out for Liberty. “Could she be the CEO’s relative?” “No, I don’t think so. Didn’t you hear the fat woman
address the CEO as Mr. Lewis? They have met before, but I guess they’re not very close.” “Do you think our CEO has a crush on the fat woman?

He’s thirty–five this year, but he doesn’t have a girlfriend.” Duncan was a young and promising CEO, but the scar on his face together
with his towering and muscular build and penetrating eyes gave the impression that he was with the mafia.

That was the reason he did not have a girlfriend despite being in his mid–thirties. Everybody turned their attention to the person who
pointed that out. Ms. Chaplin smacked the back of the person’s head and replied, “What’s in that head of yours? I can’t believe you’d think that.

As a woman, I’m turned off by the fat woman. I’m sure you men feel the same if not worse. “All Mr. Lewis has is a scar on his face.
He’s pretty hot if you don’t look at that side of his face. A man like Mr. Lewis can get his hands on any woman.

Why should he go after a fat cow? “One more thing. Liberty is married and has a two–year–old boy.” The crowd stopped speculating the pair in a romantic way. However, they were still curious about Liberty’s relationship with Duncan.

Duncan’s demands for Liberty to run and lose weight were for her own good. As if they would believe nothing was going on between them.
The man himself would have lamented how he got into the mess if he was aware of the conversation among his employees.

Elisa left Wilt spoon School at eleven o’clock in the morning and was headed for Wilt spoon Hotel to stumble upon Zachary.
Zachary arrived at the shop by the time Serenity had finished cooking. “Uncle Zak.”

Sonny was playing with his toy as Zachary entered the shop. Screaming in joy, he ditched the toy and ran toward Zachary.
Serenity was puzzled by her nephew’s sudden attraction to Zachary’s stone face when her gaze fell on the white dog Zachary had on a leash.

He was also carrying a double–story cage that housed two kittens. The kittens were chunky and adorable. Sonny was drawn in by the little animals.
It had nothing to do with Zachary’s charms. “Doggie… Doggie…” Pointing at the dog, Sonny kept repeating the word “doggie”.

While undoing her apron, Serenity asked, “Whose pets are these?” Zachary placed the cat carrier on the floor and tied the dog leash to the leg of
a shelf before picking Sonny up. He then answered his wife’s question, “I asked a friend to get the dog and cats for me. Do you like them?”

Serenity asked in glee, “Mr. York, are you saying that these pets are for me?” Zachary acknowledged faintly. “You mentioned that it’s too quiet at home and that you want to keep a few pets. I bought them for you. The cats are ragdolls, but I can’t remember the breed of the dog.”

Serenity exclaimed cheerfully, “It’s fine. I don’t care about the breed. I love them all. They’re so cute and beautiful.” The dog was not a large breed.
She took an instant liking to the dog’s white fur. “Ragdolls are expensive.” Serenity went to play with the kittens. She said,

“The ragdolls cost a few thousand dollars at the very least, and that’s a friends–and–family rate. The kittens must cost you over ten thousand dollars each.” “The price doesn’t matter so long as you like them. Let’s be clear. They’re not allowed in my room.

You’re responsible for their care if you want to keep them. You’re on poop duty.” Serenity smiled widely. “Don’t worry.
The pets and I won’t step into your territory. I will teach them that your bedroom is off–limits.” Her delight amused Zachary

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