Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 304

Married at First Sight Novel Serenity And Zachary

Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 304 – Duncan’s words drained the color off Ms. Chaplin’s face.

Without the guts to defend herself, Ms. Chaplin responded, I’m sorry, sir. I won’t do it again.” She then approached Liberty and said apologetically,
“Ms. Hunt, I’m sorry for judging you by your appearance and insulting you. Please forgive me.”

CC Now that Liberty had cooled down, she replied embarrassedly, “I was at fault too, Ms. Chaplin. I should’ve watched my tone.
Please forgive me for making you mad.” After the pair exchanged apologies, Ms. Chaplin asked when Liberty could start work.

With a job secured, Liberty was overjoyed. She was grinning from ear to ear when she said, “I can start work anytime.”
“Come tomorrow then.” “Alright. Thank you, Ms. Chaplin. Thank you, Mr. Lewis.”

Liberty expressed her gratitude and happily walked out with her resume. “Liberty,” Duncan called out to her. Liberty stopped and turned around to face him with a smile. ” Do you need anything, Mr. Lewis?” “You start tomorrow, right?

Run five rounds along the cement pavement in the garden outside before work every day. You’re not allowed to clock in until you
do so.” Duncan believed Liberty was way out of shape, but he could look past that for 1/3.

his best friend’s sake and give Liberty the opportunity to work. As Duncan did not want the eyes of other colleagues to burn, he requested
Liberty to prioritize her health and get in shape. It was also for her own good. The smile across Liberty’s face froze.

The CEO was asking her to jog a few laps every day before she even started work. By the looks of the garden in front of the office building, one lap must be around two hundred meters. It would be tiring to run five rounds. “Got it, Mr. Lewis. I will jog every day.”

fter the experience today, Liberty knew she should stop letting herself go. Duncan must be using work to make her run and lose pounds since he knew she needed the job. Liberty did not think Duncan was way out of line. In fact,

she believed he had her best interest in mind because of her brother–in–law. We have a cafeteria in the office building,
so you can have your meals there instead of running all the way home to eat. Please don’t use it as an excuse to eat more than your fill.

You’re on probation for three months. If you still look like this after three months…” “Mr. Lewis.” Liberty interrupted Duncan.
“Mr. Lewis, I promise to shed the weight in three months.” Her weight had gone out of control because she ate a lot and skipped the exercise.

She should be able to get in shape in three months if she refrained from overeating and got those steps in. Duncan smirked.
“I shall wait to see the result at the end of the probation.” He then instructed Ms. Chaplin.

“Get to the office early every day and watch her. Don’t let her come inside the building if she doesn’t finish her rounds.”
Ms. Chaplin respectfully took the order. Liberty was lost for words. She had a beef with Ms. Chaplin.

Yet, Ms. Chaplin was tasked to watch her run. There went her chance to slack off. “Nothing’s going on here. You’re all dismissed.
Get back to work.” Having resolved the job issue for his best friend’s sister–in law,

Duncan waved his arm and told everybody to return to work while he went inside. His client was still waiting for him.

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