Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 303

Married at First Sight Novel Serenity And Zachary

Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 303 – “This is your company?”

Liberty had no doubts that this was Duncan’s company after pulling herself out of the shock. The company’s name was Lewis & Co. after all.
Zachary mentioned that Mr. Lewis was an important client of his company. It never crossed Liberty’s mind that Duncan was the CEO of Lewis & Co.

Liberty was still in the working scene when Lewis & Co. was on the rise, so she knew what the company was made of. However, she had never
connected the dots between Duncan and the CEO of Lewis & Co. “Mr. Lewis, I don’t want to make a scene.

I came for the interview, but your interviewer said the way I carry myself doesn’t befit the company’s image. I asked for the reason,
and she answered that I’m too fat. She fat–shamed me.

I was furious and put her down for that. She then called me a fat cow and told me to get lost. “Lewis & Co. is one of the biggest companies here in Wiltspoon. I always thought the employees of your company would have class.

I’m surprised to find otherwise.” “Mr. Lewis, I…” Ms. Chaplin came forward to explain, but she dared not breathe a word after Duncan gave her a look.

Duncan asked Liberty, “What position were you applying for?” “Finance clerk. I have an impressive resume working as a
finance director before.” Duncan took the resume from her and said, “Give me a moment. I’ll give you an answer in a bit.”

He then said to his client apologetically, “Mr. Daniels, I need to attend to a matter. Can you wait for me at my VIP reception?” Duncan gestured to the secretary to take Mr. Daniels upstairs. He walked out of the office building and pulled out his phone to call his best friend.

Duncan waited until his friend picked up before muttering, “Zachary, I ran into your sister–in–law again. She came for an interview in my company
and had a spat with the interviewer. She was nearly kicked out by the security guards.”

Zachary was speechless. His sister–in–law must be feeling upset now. “What position was she interviewing for?” Zachary asked.
“An administrative clerk position in the finance department. She used to be a finance director. Well, she has the experience for sure.”

“That’s a waste of her talent. Just do what you see fit. You can hire her if you think she’s up for the job. You don’t have to give her a job because of me.”
“Of course. I’ll give the job to a talent, not because of who they know. I just want to let you know. That’s all.

Who do I keep bumping into your sister–in– law? I haven’t gotten a new car yet. No, I should head to the car dealership this afternoon and get a cheaper ride.” Duncan was traumatized by Liberty. To Zachary, the universe seemed to bring them together.

Listening to Duncan’s exaggeration, Zachary smiled and replied, “Don’t be dramatic. She’ll only be a clerk even if she joins your company.
You’re the CEO. It’s not like you’re going to run into each other all the time.” “I don’t think so. I bet the exact opposite will happen.

That’s the weird thing about life. ”Try and make sense of the argument. Get your interviewer to apologize if it’s not my sister–in–law’s fault.”
Zachary was rather protective. Duncan responded with a grin, “With a brother–in–law like you,

I wouldn’t are leave your sister–in–law feeling wronged. Alright then. I know what to do. Want to have lunch together?”
“I have a wife. I’m going home to have lunch with my wife.” Duncan rebuked, “So what if you have a wife?

I dare you to bring your wife to all the social events.” Zachary answered by hanging up on him. “That man and his pride.
All he knows is to flaunt his marriage in front of us, the single men. He even kept his marriage a secret.

Well, I could call him a real man only when he makes his marriage public.” With his best friend hanging up on him, Duncan ran his mouth.
A while later, Duncan walked back into the office building and told Ms. Chaplin off with a stern face, “No need to interview the rest.

We’ll hire her. She has the experience, and please apologize to Ms. Hunt! Since this is your first offense, I’ll deduct a month of your bonus.
You can expect a pink slip the next time I catch you doing this again. Don’t tarnish the company’s name.”

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