Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 302

Married at First Sight Novel Serenity And Zachary

Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 302 – “Your husband might reject you for being fat and ugly.

You’ll have something to cry about when your husband finds a young and beautiful girl.” The words hit Liberty where it hurt.
She was in a hurry to find a job because her husband had found her repulsive and cheated on her.

Liberty set herstandards low and applied for a clerical position, so she would have the chance to win custody of her son.
It never occurred to Liberty that she would face rejection and humiliation here. “Call me a fat cow one more time!”

The interviewer walked around the table and approached Liberty to push her out while berating her, “Fat cow! Fat cow! I’ll say it again and again.
Get out of here!” Liberty’s fats came to good use for a change. Liberty planted her feet there as the woman had a hard time shoving her out.

“Apologize to me. You must apologize. I’m not leaving until you apologize.” Livid, the woman turned back to her desk and picked up her phone to call
security so they could come in and kick Liberty out. Two security guards soon arrived.

Men were stronger than women. Plus, there were two of them. The security guards manhandled Liberty to get her out.
“Let go of me! I want her to apologize to me! She was verbally abusive!” 1/3 Liberty put up a fight.

The anxiety of failing to get a job, the betrayal of her husband in their marriage, and the sense of loss for the future were tearing Liberty up inside, leaving her emotions running high and boiling. As she was big and strong, the two security guards could not hold her vigorous tussle down.

The woman walked out of the interview room and called a few male coworkers over, so they could help the security guards to escort Liberty out.
With the help of a few men, Liberty was kicked out of the office building. “What’s going on here?”

Duncan was walking with a client into the building when he came face–to– face with the group. Pulling a long face, his secretary tried to get to the bottom of the matter.“This woman was here for an interview, but for some reason, she got into a fight with Ms. Chaplin.

Ms. Chaplin told us to escort her out. One of the security guards explained. The secretary waved his arm. “Take her away.”
“Hold on.” Duncan recognized the woman who was being ushered out by a few men to be the plump woman who damaged his luxury sedans.

It was the sister–in– law of his best friend, Zachary. Everybody stopped in their tracks. 2/3 Liberty took the opportunity to free herself from their grasps. While feeling out of breath from the struggle, she tidied up her attire and jogged back to collect her resume scattered on the floor.

She was about to leave when a human wall came in her way. Lifting her head, she was met with Duncan’s scarred face.
“Mr. Lewis?” Liberty cried in surprise. “Why are you here?” Seeing that Liberty and Duncan knew each other,

everybody was taken aback. Ms. Chaplin was appalled and freaking out. The fat woman knew their CEO! Duncan said amusingly,
“This is my company so of course, I’m going to be here. Did you come here for an interview? What’s all the fuss over an interview?”

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